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Why Did I Start Blogging?

Well, that is now a very relative question to ask while I am in the middle of learning so much stuff about blogging the world about it. Writing is my passion and I like reading as well, so being a stay at home mom lives me options of doing what I like and expanding my skills as a woman. I may have a very small audience right now, but I keep on improving by looking up what should I do and learning what I can improve in this field. By hook or by crooked, I have to do this! I end up reading books and blogging resources online. Oh, not to mention the number of tutorials I did the study and watched. I enjoyed the most of it and until now there is some other information that I want to master. I am glad for the power of internet works! For some, this is a hobby, it serves to me the other way around an outlet to express myself turned hobby.  So, read on and I hope I can stir your interest to follow my story and the goals that I have been a blogger.

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To begin with, I went tired and wore off being a student nurse, that is totally not me. I have so many adjustments made when I left the Philippines and moved here in Europe. It serves as me having something to keep my sanity together (laughs). Seriously, it helps me ease out like prayers pouring out everything out of my mind. It started when I saw that I have a journal, and I keep on writing one or two things every now and then as I have ideas in my mind. Keeping it cool, I said why not? I have so many blogging startup bloopers and believe it or not I almost give up. But, with what I want, I have to look for solutions to every single problem I encounter.

From choosing my own domain, my theme, my email list builder. I went crazy hopping out platforms whenever I get disappointed. I was with WIX before and I only do microblogging like photos sharing on the free site then sharing it on Instagram. It is pleasurable to see beautiful pictures being shared and liked by anyone. Then I started building my blog with them and sooner or later find out so many glitches that are not blogger friendly. I end up with and then it is eventually not the right platform again because I have to be with and Siteground as my web host. While all the stress piled up but through blogger supports online I did not give up. It went well until I have my own .be because I am in Belgium by the way. I am happy and my husband too. He didn’t like the .net I had before and even the .com I was planning. As I write I feel like emptying all my vessels of stress and giving it out to the computer! (laughs again). Yes, believe me reading other blogs made me open to so many blogging possibilities and beyond.


I want to share my life as a mother and an expat here in Belgium.  How am I coping with a very different set up that I have from my past 30 years of living in the Philippines? The languages oh three of the and two must be learned: Dutch, German and French. These are two major changes that I have to face right after getting married and moving to Europe, sound simple? Hey, there’s four seasons that we don’t have in our beautiful tropical country with 7000 islands! I am dying to see snow, but the feeling of bitter cold is very hard to contain. Of course,I would choose and  I can only stay home and don’t move, but I have to learn languages, I have classes, integration programs to attend three months after my arrival! Yes! You read it right. You can go visit and read my first blog entry Learning Languages for you to have a bigger picture of what I am trying to say now.


Yes, I said relearning because so many of us know what to do, the steps the what’s next but we tend to be contained by the weight of the negativity of something we are facing. Then, I thought of writing will remind me to relearn things I have learned long before. To be honest, I am not even half of my experience being a mother as now I am discovering a lot of magic, happiness and nightmares of parenthood (laughs). I have to fill my cup with goodness, wisdom in order to continue parenting. I have never imagined this would be so difficult, yes, it is fulfilling. Reality check, you have to have a lot of patience and zen to breathe and pause, then start again.


What is fun about blogging is you are not just typing, designing photos and sharing your blog articles. Blogging also opens opportunities for earning your own money at home. I do not believe that then but with affiliate marketing, designing business, digital marketing, ads you can really earn. Also now, Amazon is open, Google Ads, there are a number of ways to learn how to go your traffic and work with affiliates, a sponsored post which I am beginning to lay down right now. My media kit is coming out very very soon and not also, my passion in coaching giving courses for women is a future project on the line. For the meantime, a rookie in me had read books in line with blogging, digital marketing, affiliates and hey the group support I have helps me a lot!

Simple how it sounds but in the future, I will be sharing more about my blogging journey and I will try to develop online courses PDF for you guys out there who want to start blogging. As a passion yes, business in the future I recommend. Here’s a good news, I can give advice from the start I had from the last four months that I started, some of you can send me an email and I will try to help you. For the meantime, I am developing now a business plan for blog advice and lessons online. I have learned the following so far:

  • How to set up a domain and a blog site.
  • Choosing up a theme that suits me and my niche.
  • Choosing a topic to write.
  • Growing my blog traffic (which will in the future lead you to earnings)
  • Social Media Marketing and Management.
  • Content Writing and editing.
  • Photo Styling and editing.
  • Paid posting.
  • Blog post planning.

If you guys are looking for good resources I can recommend you this one Website Promoter Uk

and they have Mummy Bloggers: The Ultimate List For 2018

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Happy and excited to share the wider picture of blogging!










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7 Comments on “Why Did I Start Blogging?

  1. Hi Floby,
    I have been blogging for about 7 years and I can relate to so much of what you are saying. It can be stress and there is so much to learn. The SEO social networking but don’t give it takes time and effort. I have WP and I have a private hosting company that offered the WP format – many of them do, but it possible it might be different in Belgium. I went with a company that had a long history called that has been in business for years. Their price was reasonable and I have never changed since I started with them. I figure that keep my website up and don’t try to fix what isn’t broken. Blogging can be a great venting tool too. I have always loved to write too. It sure has been a rocky road at times though but I am still at it and now making it profitable for me Sharing on twitter, FB, & pinned. Have a healthy, happy & blessed.

  2. Oh Floby, I can totally relate! My family and I currently live in Qatar and it was a big adjustment on my part (from law student-entrepreneur to stay-at-home mom then admin assistant)

    You can do this (blogging and expat living)!

  3. Love this post! I’m just starting out and have a small audience as well. I started blogging for the same reason it’s a great outlet. Can’t wait to read more from you. 🙂

  4. I love reading about why other people started blogging. It’s so interesting. Thanks for sharing your story.

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