Who is Floby?

I’m a Mom, a wife, and a home-builder, a writer.  I write about personal development for women, motivational articles out from my daily experiences, from the past and today. I believe in life simplicity, friendship, and love. I have decided how to be happy every day through writing, there are so many values I have learned and still is learning. 

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I have always dreamed to be a writer, to have my own space or write a book someday. But of course, I have to work for money with different sorts of jobs under the sun way back in Manila. After a battling to study college, taking up Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communication, my parents back then had a very serious financial and health problems reason for me to step up as the first-born to help to earn money. Worked for a fastfood chain for a year, then get fed up with burgers, decided to move to another store in the shopping mall where I was a promo girl for a season.

Liking arts and poetry, I was exposed to the Manila art scene together with some local artists from the South. Many people helped me then but the reality is art cannot provide a stable income for a family of five. We still have two girls in high school then. A believer of Christ, I got involved with a Christian community and had my faith built up with ups and downs of life. But I couldn’t stay volunteering, I have to look for something that I can earn money this time.

I started job hunting locally,  I came across with someone working in the City government of my old town, he explained they are hiring for a writer. I immediately hand my CV and tried the application, I got it. The job was exciting but working with politics is not my thing. So, I tried looking for another job around, then I get hired as a painting gallery receptionist. For some odd reason the guy who said he is hiring me today, says no we don’t need you anymore. I was left jobless. After trying out jobs that will give a breadwinner a bit of cash to move forward every day. I decided that I want to go to the big city and work. I was all over Manila and Makati trying out different kinds of offices to hire me with my skills.

I got hired as a cashier in an enormous internet cafe in Makati, where I stayed for 3 years. Then, get to know people that can be at help in case I get jobless again. Tada! The closed down and I have to go back to my town and have some pause for a while then job hunt again. Alongside with me are my two sisters who are both working students, fast-food chain in the morning, studying at night. I finally got an email from a friend that there is this call centre, appointment setting slash sales job opportunity. I got hired and pack my bags to the city of Makati, 2007. Started as an agent, then promotions are open for several positions during my stay. Became a quality analyst for a year, the team lead for 6 months and the last is being the Human Resource Specialist. Until the company closes again. Luckily, I have to move to Belgium because, at that time, I got married and moved country with my husband.

Starting life in a different, cold, dark country of Belgium is hard, but day by day. I got used to it. I got my daughter now and I am nourishing my startup Virtual Assistant services business, Virtual Venture Belgium. Writing a blog became my outlet for expressing myself as a Mom and Wife. But then, I so love Digital Marketing and Social Media Management and TEDTalks. I am also sparing time working with TEDxFlanders as a Communication Specialist.