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What is in my bag?
What is in my bag?

Minimalism Is The Key

Ohh, tell me more, about being a Mom it took me a lot of extra stuff to bring and I have learned so much for a year now. When I was single, I use to have plenty of things for myself. What’s in my bag? Is actually a question I asked myself observing that I am a big mess. But now, things are the other way around. Laia’s nag has full of things she really needs and I have to re-looked my bag to be able to bring as minimal but important things that I really do need. How to declutter your bag?

  1. Strictly ask yourself what do you need and not and then figure it out. Decide which is which is coming with you for a day out, a dinner out and even for a simple walk.
  2. Keep the essentials, like you don’t need tons of lipstick shades which I am so guilty about. Whenever I can’t decide what I want to wear.
  3. Leave you perfume bottle. Please, don’t put it in or it will just give you extra weight. The Scent of your very good perfume will last for hours and you don’t even have to re-do it. Believe me, the spots like pulse, back of the neck gives more fragrance because your own body stimulates the perfume on your skin.

My bag is from Sophie Martin, Paris. It is not expensive and I am not a fan of too expensive for everyday walking and errands. It was an idea from a friend 2010 to buy it with a pairing long wallet. They are very useful, practical and suits my everyday wear even my dresses. She is the bag I wanna wear all the time, on the go, anywhere I need to be. I would be sharing some of my early Belgium photos here now, and yes that is the bag! It is now nearly 7 years with me.

I fell in love with her since 2010 and still is being now. I have panicked when I saw a white scratch on it a month ago. I told my husband I am afraid I may need a new one. Feeling very sad that my bag was scratched. Observing it daily, and I am using it despite the spot. I said I can maybe try to clean and wipe it. I was so happy and thrilled when the stained white scratchy look on my bag was taken off by a simple water wipes! Tadaaaaa! I get back to Marlon (husband) and said: “Love, I don’t need a new bag, thanks!” With my super happy face, I said I want to share with all other Mom’s out there how I really love this bag. Now, we should probably move on to the next part of this story. The really what is in my bag I am talking about. Well, there’s not a lot of things now. I am proud that I was able to organise myself, decide and let go of what is not really needed. As a young mom, I surely have to be ready for anything, so, for the baby, everything stays in her own bag. That makes my bag free with all baby stuff. My mistake was the three:

  1. Putting too much stuff in my bag.
  2. Taking unnecessary stuff with.
  3. Mixing some of the baby stuff in my tiny bag.

I will also share with you what is in my stroller bag next time.

What is in my bag?


  1. Planner and pens this should always be with me all the time. In many cases, a writer should always write. And with people I meet, I should keep a schedule on track. I got this from HEMA. This a weekly English agenda, most of the planners here are in French or Dutch.
  2. Wallet, Keys, Eyeglasses, the wallet is the matching partner of the bag so they go all the way together. The keys, which sometimes I forgot inside the house during my early days here in Belgium (laughs). Now as a Mom I should not forget anything. My glasses, I cannot see anything clearly without it. This is crucially important to me. The wallet contains, my ID and so many cards needed here for the everyday living. The wallet has so many card slots which I like, and take note, the store point cards are not anymore here. These are just ID  cards, insurance cards and metro, bus cards that are essentials here.


3. My pair of Zara hand gloves, because it is winter still, Nuxe honey lipbalm, Neutrogena hand cream, Wet ‘N Wild Lipstick, Colruyt’s Everyday, facial tissues.  Helps my skin care always on top during the winter. I have so much make up before that I only have to bring the basics now. I have to make sure that I am done and covered before I leave the house and then just bring the things needed for retouch.

4. My canon camera, basic point and shoot and not so complicated camera than my Canon G12. This is nice foe shooting direct photos for Laia and then printing it out with my Canon Selphy printer at home. Simply amazing to shoot wonderful views also here in Europe.




5. My best powder, from Bourjois, my shade of powder of course. I have made a review about this go to this link and see: Holiday Beauty Solutions for the details. My basic eyelash mascara from Essence, they are nice and not so expensive it works well also filling up my brows which I do time to time for a natural brow looking that I want to achieve. A brush of course for my powder, goes all together in a pouch with my lipstick and lip balm.

6. Shades from Affleloulou that I got with my eye grade measurements, this saves my eye sight for a direct that we have here in Belgium, that hurts. I also use this during our winter trip to the Mountains of France, Meribel.


7. My calling card, which is very important to stay professional whenever I network to talk to people around about my blog and business online. It helps me keep people visiting my site and opens business opportunities.

Forgive Laia’s grumpy face. Off to our family lunch with Catherine. Happy snow day Brussels! Ça fait déjà long temps que j’attends pour la neige! Thank you God for this season!

So you see my bag is very useful and good. Not to big but comfy crossing it like this is a favourite way of doing it. I do think that other chic bags should go for a night out with my husband or with friends. For the day out and errands, this is my best buddy. Happy seven years anniversary to us my little Sophie bag. I wish to use it long term and maybe I will still pass you to my daughter Laia.

Point is, it helps me become on the go without being so harassed with a shoulder bag, a tote or another chic bags around there. I will maybe one day change for the sake of look change but for comfort, I would never trade it to any bags yet so far. I have 5 more bags but she is the best one for me so far. I have also enjoyed it during my pregnancy. It is nice that I don’t even have to buy a new one. I know women have our own different bags. I just like to be practical and comfortable. Keep posted for the content of our stroller bag!



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8 Comments on “WHAT IS IN MY BAG?

  1. It looks like a very cute bag! And the things you have in it are perfect – not too much, but just what you need.

  2. I also bring unnecessary stuff in my bag haha! But, hey who doesn’t need a pack of tissues, a hand sanitizer, a pack of baby wipes among others? 😉

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