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My Wedding Day

My Forever

Life is full of surprises and I would take advantage of sharing where are we standing now as a couple after our 2013 wedding. It is true that marriage is more than just the wedding day itself. We are celebrating love month every year and seems like the first-day feeling is still there. Oftenly I will ask my husband if he is still feeling the same? He says yes, it is always here with me. Many couples are celebrating Valentine this month. Eating together, spending time together, going to extravagant gifts and date night wherever it is fancy. My forever is my best friend, my partner in good and bad things we have every day. Our marriage for the past 5 years is full of so many things we are not expecting, but since we have vowed to each other’s love, through thick and thin we will stick together. We have many things we cannot control in our daily living as a couple but we are trying to make it the best that fits for the benefit of both of us daily. Love is not “give and give” or “take and take”. It is a constant barter that we call “give and take” With household chores, your both careers, hobbies and interest you have to support each other and of course accept each other’s flaws.

During the Christmas, Marlon and I gave each other books as gifts. And during my birthday he gave me my blogging essentials startup as a gift. I cannot gift him expensive things but being the best as I can for him as a wife and a mother to Laia. Then I started collecting cute little things that we can do to enjoy our quality time as husband and wife. I was amazed and felt cheesy when I came up with all these but when I looked at it. It is not a bad idea at all to make little things count.

This year, we choose to be simple. We have a jar of my freebie LOVE COUPONS, yes we are also participating with all of you guys who subscribed to my mailing list.

This is how you use it:

  1. Print the file I have from this month’s freebies:
  2. Cut them out.
  3. Roll it and put in a jar.
  4. ENJOY!

Simple with Love

We have chosen to be simple and we would like to really invest in quality memories together. Some of it will be impossible to be done with our daughter Laia, so we would think of looking for babysitting duty for her. Yesterday, I wrote this in my journal and shared it on my Instagram post.

Valentine is not only for couples and married people. It goes all the way to those who know how to love unconditionally without any doubts. With the selfless behaviour of standing for people that matters to them despite flaws, weaknesses and imperfections. Love is everything.

Valentine n’est pas seulement pour les couples et les personnes mariées. Il va tout le chemin à ceux qui savent aimer inconditionnellement sans aucun doute. Avec le comportement désintéressé de se tenir debout pour les personnes qui comptent pour eux en dépit des défauts, des faiblesses et des imperfections. L’amour est tout.

Valentine is niet alleen voor stelletjes en getrouwde mensen. Het gaat helemaal door naar diegenen die onvoorwaardelijk kunnen houden van liefde zonder enige twijfel. Met onbaatzuchtig gedrag van staan voor mensen dat belangrijk voor hen is, ondanks gebreken, zwakheden en onvolkomenheden. Liefde is alles.

I also intended to write it in 2 more languages here in Belgium as I am also practising my language skills. With so many cliches around the world, how can you be different? How can you love unconditionally? How prepared is your heart to love the unlovable?

Check Our Hearts

As I share you today some of our best wedding day photos. I would like to challenge you and check your heart. Are you on the right track of relationship, marriage and is your relationship healthy for you both? Are there things you have to improve, change and or remove for the sake of working things out for the best? It will always be worth it to be open to communication with your wife or husband. This way you will be able to give strength to each other and keep the love of fire. Also, prioritize each other, him or her, a couple time without the kids is always needed. This will build you a strong foundation together. Remember, invest to you both, when the kids are all grown up. You both will be left with each other, and the more you both know each other well, the stronger bond you’ll have grown old together.

My husband like surprising me and many different ways. He knows that last year I saw this Yves Rocher Valentine Edition Lippie and Parfum. And here he goes giving it to me. What I also like about Yves Rocher is they continue to give away so many freebies too!

We have started our jar picking last night and tonight we are going to have hand and foot massage together at home. So our first mission is to send Laia early to bed to enjoy our relaxation with tea, essential oils and we will just simply talk about what happened to our day today! Simple but memorable!

I hope you will feel the real meaning of love not only this month but every day of your life. Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!



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13 Comments on “Valentine’s Day and Marriage

  1. this is such a beautiful reading. very creative and i love your dress! u were a beautiful bride!

  2. I love the barcode you put on the love coupons! That’s so cool. What a beautiful tribute to your love. My hubby and I are also into simple celebrations when it comes to Valentine’s Day. I think when you are intentional to love one another the best you can daily, it feels like you’re living a holiday every day!

  3. Your wedding photos are gorgeous! You were such a lovely bride. I love giving my husband Valentine’s Day coupons. It’s simple and easy, and usually what I’m offering him is something cheesy so it always makes him laugh lol.

  4. In Estonia Valentines day is more loke friends day so thats something me and hubbybdont really celebrate. We dont need it to be February to go for a date night.

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