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Toddler Eye Check-Up: Why Is It Necessary?

Many parents are thinking about protecting their kids’ eyesight at a very early age. I noticed children with eye issues, early glasses at the age of 2 OR 3, this actually good because it only tells they are being checked.

We knew this day would come not because my daughter is having so much screentime it is only because we knew I can be an influence to her eye condition as sometimes, or oh mostly eyesight condition can be hereditary. Then we also noticed Laia blinking her eyes, beginning September 2018. Asking the paediatrician what to do as he saw nothing is really wrong, he recommended doing eye drops for comfort. Time passed to end of October then the blinking just disappeared.

Alas! We are feeling all right. Then comes September 2019 again, repeated -blinking has been noticed. Eye drops for comfort plus eye cream this time reinforced! People noticing Laia’s eye movement lead to a question if she is using a mobile phone too long? Uhhh, the answer is no. She only has 20 minutes if and when we permit so. She has an alarm and when it rings it is time to hand over the mobile phone immediately.

When it comes to television? I tell you what? She often abandons the television only to do her arts, colourings, writings and drawings. She is not a screen depended child but, she likes it too when she has to play Peter Rabbit: Let’s Go Out Tomorrow a game that is very child-friendly and educational for her age.

Why so her eyes are blinking involuntarily? There are so many speculations we had from screen time to allergies, air quality we have at home. The ophthalmologist finally answered? NONE of the above-mentioned reasons. Nothing because her eyes are perfect.

Laia’s are all fine. She has passed the eye examination she had fun doing it with me. I was amazed that the kids do not really have to talk if they cannot yet or if they are shy as my daughter. The doctor is actually holding a big board with this and on my hand is the same copy where Laia pointed out what the doctors are asking. Voila! She answered everything perfectly!

Amazingly, I had so many eye test in my life that I never even imagine how they do it for the kids! LOL. It is an amazing discovery not only for my daughter but for me too!

If the blinking happens again in the future, all we have to do is to call for an immediate appointment and will see from there. At least now we are thankful, we can say that Laia is all right.

Why is the eye check-up really necessary?

First is to make sure that the child’s eye situation is not at stake. It can be too late if parents won’t do anything. Prevention is better than cure. It is ideal for us to be aware of what is going on our child’s body, health, feelings and this includes eyesight too. Remember, Laia also did her first dentist visit as early as 2 ( see, Laia’s First Day at the Dentist )

We can be all at ease when our children’s health is in order. When they go to school, we do not know what is happening exactly. They might stories from other families, with other values. The most important thing is our guidance. It is never easy, it is always challenging. I sometimes being bombarded with so many feelings, harassing how I think to come up with good decisions. Good thing is, I held myself through, pause, think, breathe, destress and move to the next one.

Life can be really challenging, family life to be exact. Motherhood is constant learning, permanent brain disturbance and heroic act daily. Sometimes can be hourly. LOL.

Laia is my one and only as of now. I know she will become a great child. Daily, she is learning too as a toddler going pre-schooler. Her level of understanding is getting better each day. Her learning path is being built according to us too.

One day at a time, her courage is being clear and clear. As her eyesight, she can see the wider picture from a distance.

What can you do more?

  • Make sure kids are eating well vegetables and fruits. Laia is eating a warm meal at school, making sure that we are also giving her soup base with carrots or pumpkin and other seasonal veggies we can put in the soup for her benefit. She can picky and it is totally normal at her age.
  • Control their screentime. Like what we do, put a timer and always think about the mobile phone and television as the last option. Let your kids play, be creative in their own room, play with your kids more often too!
  • Give them regular eye check-up according to their age.
  • Give them eyedrops and eye cream if and whenever it is necessary with the advice of the doctor or pharmacist.

It takes effort and time, of course, it is parenting! In the end, kids will benefit and us too parents! Overall, we are in not in control of what can happen in the future, there are some kids who have an issue with neurological and nerves, this is uncontrollable but, there is always a corresponding medical intervention provided.

For Laia’s eye doctor and if you are looking for a good ophthalmologist in Wemmel, Asse, Relegem area, here are the details:

Dr. Renske Mathys

Oogartsen Praktijk Wemmel

Vijverslaan 43

1780 Wemmel

Tel: 02 460 42 11

Click the doctor’s name to proceed to the website.

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6 Comments on “Toddler Eye Check-Up: Why Is It Necessary?

  1. I will be sure to make sure eye checks are on my list when baby comes! It’s so easy not to think about doing this stuff unless there is a noticeable problem! Best to be proactive xxx

  2. I feel like if both me and my husband didn’t have glasses and get our eyes checked regularly I would probably forget to get my son’s done too. Luckily we do and eye health is extremely important so he gets checked regulary.

  3. This is great information! My husband and I both wear glasses so I’m sure our kiddos will be at the eye doctor eventually!

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