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More over about being pregnant with ranging hormones, so many thoughts came in my mind after series of events has happened recently. In fact, emotions can be roller coaster, the only hope I got is my faith and also of course the moral support of people around me. I love the way how I manage to do things amazingly despite of many obstacles. Not having the sun around and supplementing with Vitamin D helps, but motherhood will really play along with so many thoughts and activities we can start on, making habits that are effective for our daily lives.

As we all know on the tip of the ice berg most of other people can only see, a ranting pregnant, over reacting, short fused, easily triggered mama in me. Beyond all that, are real struggles inside and I cannot be able to do it alone.   After a couple of contemplation we decided to take things simple in everyday living, every way we can celebrate life and most importantly share our time with our loved ones.


What I love the most is when my husband is always on board of my ideas. Once, we exchanged thoughts on something we will talk through it. Winter, Christmas is the most stressful holiday in the planet, when people are cramming getting gifts, organising parties and holiday rush.   Yes! We love Christmas a lot, however, we decided to take things easy this year, for so many considered factor. COVID-19 indeed is still here, I am pregnant, we reached a year of my dear Father in law passing away. Also, the most important thing, we have a chance to teach Laia that holiday And Christmas is not all about material things and gifts only. We wanted her to feel the love, moment and meaning of the birth of Christ our saviour.


I got the Christmas tree up, however, still decided for less ornaments to simplify out decorations. Since we don’t want to really over react on decorating the new house.  We got some gifts for Laia, boardgames she asked for from Action, like a very cheap store we have here in Europe. One gift for my husband, and oh another birthday gift from November, I wrapped considering it as my gift under the tree. My husband asked me, do you want anything else? I said no, I am fine with what I have. He just wished for new pyjamas and socks.

We spent time at home, had a simple dinner prepared for both Christmas and New Year.

The cutest thing on earth we did, we put on our simple dinner clothes, put up the tripod and take pictures with the remote control. We wanted to capture the moment, because last year, we had a very small tree from the apartment, we didn’t get the occasion to get a proper tree. So we did it and we have so many blooper photos that will be shared only on our family album at home that will be organised by me and Laia. 

We savoured our dinner, enjoyed laughing about so many things we talked about during the meal. Laia participate in the kitchen and me not very tired but still tired. Because of my pregnancy. Oh boy! It is not the same when I was 29 with Laia and now 36 with the second one. 


Myself have to decide whether I will continue overthinking of what can happened, can go wrong, and believe me even if you decide, switched off your mind, you can’t. Thankfully, had my therapy, little that I know things can be doable by simply having a chunk of break,  not being to futuristic as all women can be over-dramatic, over protective of what can go wrong.

My anxiety of giving birth after Laia, the struggle of breastfeeding, waking up in the middle of the night. Not having enough milk. Oh now, preparing baby two stuff and all her needs before she come out of this world. I just stop, panicking, I told my husband, I will prepare what I can according to her age and little by little we will get there.

I focus on myself, by baby movement, I did yoga for pregnant at home online and it helps me clear my mind instantaneously. I also stop, doing things to finished everything, which is very very effective. 


Instead, I do more of focus on my belly, baby, self-care and journaling daily. I accomplished a task, I work full-time, and do little hobbies on the side. Rest, nap, have some warm hot chocolate, zip a tea and read good book. At the end of the day I saw myself done with things I needed to and tomorrow I can start another task that I did not finished for today. The superwoman syndrome sometimes can makes us real tired. We have to accept we cannot do all things at once and enjoy the moment we call, now, the present. 


Laia and I did a very cute advent calendar that has activities that are not complicated. Easy things to follow and have fun with a 5 year old. We had fun doing it together as family. I kept it and next year we will reinvent the activities with Papa and baby number two. 

Activities samples are such below:

Go around driving looking at Christmas decoration outside
Watch a Christmas movie and make it a yearly tradition
Bake Christmas cookies
Sing Christmas carol together as family
Donate to a charity  for meaningful gesture


Remember showering and hurrying up always? I made an arrangement with my husband that I will shower, and take time on each and every activity that I would like to do:

Singing in the shower, to set up the mood.

Using essential oils and candles to relax even more helps me a lot to be zen. Makes a lot of difference on setting the ambiance.

Now that we do not have a bath, I do epsom salt soaking my feet. Removing toxins in my body and making my legs even more relax.

Even pampering yourself with a good shampoo and shower gel makes a difference. Soothing cream after and taking time putting it on your body, not hurrying up and ending up rushing again.

I finish up drying my hair and doing my facial skin care routine. Oh bless! I just love every bit of my shower routine now. I used The Ordinary and checked out the best items can be used for preganant women. Never fail to surprise me always! 


All the thoughts and anything in my head. I do mental cleaning by writing them all in a notebook and I also started writing letter for my baby. In which one day, to read together and cherish.

Just really getting back to the basic of writing you gratitude and everything you feel. It really helped me during the moment the new year approached and my brother passed away. All the feelings I have in my heart, outburst in tears and not was the best solution. Along with prayers and meditation, opening the good energy and creating a renewed should everyday. 


Brisk walking and not pushing yourself too much. Since I became pregnant I stopped with skipping rope and all my fitness activities are lighter like yoga and walking only. I made myself a promise to do at least 30 minutes walk everyday, to renew my mindset and also to change the environment of working from home. Being stuck indoors, during the winter is not nice, however going out in the cold is also not nice.

I made sure I got the pregnancy jacket that can adjust to the size of my belly as it grows. Believe I did not spent grand purchase. I scored it on Vinted and got it almost quarter a price at the market.  I am pleased with it.


I have uninstalled so many apps those are disturbing and made a 20 minute only rule of checking, email and social media daily. It changed the whole entire game, not being towards productivity but my focus is ultimately improved to its best!

I have a moment to be present and think of what is important first. And enjoying the moment of the being present. I can say this method helps me a lot being a busy mother, not glorifying the word BUSY all the time. Instead, I am living my life to effectiveness on what works for me.

The beginning of the year and winter still heavy, with workloads, situations, events, COVID scare. I learned that remaining focus on what is important than being overwhelmed of too many things to do won’t help. In the end, I see myself, booked a concert for August, looking forward for a small family summer get away, booked a spa for this week and planning to do this more often with my husband, US time. All is well, it is well. 

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