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Third Trimester Pregnancy Challenges

I know, I know you would say I look good and all. Don’t forget the power of a good camera and Lightroom. Just weeks ago, before March end. I was enjoying time at work, being really in a good mood after a good news has been passed to me by my boss. Then, I had contractions, not the Braxton but very consistent. I timed them how often and the moment I saw it is not normal. I called my midwife, thereafter they asked me to rushed to the clinic to see the Gynaecologist.

My husband, flew his can home while I am in the couch logging out all my work stuff, still counting contractions. I cannot even dress myself. Thank God my husband helped me throughout preparing rushing to the car and when we went to the doctor. Doomed! I cannot work anymore, no stress allowed, no physical activities any longer allowed. Then, I had to do baby monitoring for 30 minutes to check the baby activity if she want to go out my belly or what not.

The doctor explained, it is time to stop working as I have preterm contraction and pregnancy risk of giving birth premature. We would like to keep the baby inside my instead of the incubator of course. All I have to do is rest, no long hours of driving, no shopping allowed (then I shop online haha). Also, I can only do art stuff for half an hour or an hour max, here I felt relief that I can still do something with my hands even though my body is resting. I can read books of course and the rest are extra work load for my husband. I admire him a lot as he is doing everything for me, Laia and our little baby inside me. 

I also want to thank my little girl Laia for being so understanding and being a big sister. Helping me, as she can do things her own now with parental advise on how she would do her morning routine, dress herself and all. She is a gem like her Papa.

She always ask me if I need help for anything. She always share me her snacks and give me something to drink. Very sweet little girl she is becoming. 


Reading, a lot and then sleeping on it. It is very hard not to fell asleep even though I am not moving a lot my physical force along with my mental ability to stay awake after a chapter or two. Always led me to sleeping which is very good. Being tired is not, so I have to listen to my body.

It is actually time to learn new things now and this is through reading and video tutorials. I am glad that we cannot say we are bored. I remember my Mom way back in the 90’s playing her cards, or just simply listening to music and that’s all she can do. Oh, she started arts and craft too, making handmade doormats to add up to our little income. Humble days. 

Watching art tutorials and more art tutorials. Which also along the way led me to sleep on the couch too. Feeling tired, after one 15 minute video on YouTube. Where I can take notes and pick up ideas on what should I do for my next art project.

Coloring and art projects. So for the baby it is the card, candies when she is out. Some baby onesies, and some other baby related things you can do for fun. Making sure to rest do not abuse myself, nap and then continue the next day. 

Stay zen, meditating, journaling and praying. This is one of my key go to zen moment and think, listen to my inner self. Being pregnant gives us women a lot of hormones and this contributes on how our brain will work.

Candles I have to ditch and switch to essential oils, those that are mommy and baby friendly. I used the one from Young Living, they are amazing. If you opt with candles it has to be non-toxic and should be chemical free candles. 

Bond with your little one or your kids.

My daughter Laia loves art as well as myself. We are spending most of our time drawing, colouring, cutting papers together! This is the moment also to discover very nice conversation with her as she would be on first grade the next school year.

Also, it is a way for me to know what she feels like having a sister in the very near future, her hopes and her thoughts. I treasure little talks with my daughter and also sharing things we are interested with.

Take a lot of sleep and vitamins. I know it is super hard to sleep with insomnia during pregnancy. Always try, meditation, caffeine free tea, relaxation music, I always ask my husband for a little leg massage before bed. Be creative! 

With so many noises in our mind during pregnancy days, there would be moment in the future where I will remember all these time. That I have a little human growing in me. I will remember my fears, the what ifs. I see myself becoming the Mom I want to be in the process of being and enjoying every step of the way. It’s always not easy but it can always be meaningful. 

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  1. These tips are amazing. I’d recommend every mum to go with these. I was so fond of reading during my pregnancy and it had so much calming effect on my anxiety.

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