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Surviving Toddlers Consecutive Sickness

Should I say surviving because it has literally given us so many challenges and then here we are surviving the last days at the hospital? Ah! Positively we have the grace of the Lord and our strength and sanity are sustain through his grace. A young mother in me, having so many things to attend to. The only hope you have is praying, keep your head together and stay calm. How can you calm down with 2 consecutive toddler sicknesses when you are also in treatment? The key is a calm husband (laughs) like he tells me to breathe, sleep, relax, I will bring you everything you need and so on. He is my rock! He worries of course, but he thinks very clearly and he always established a very strong positive way of looking things brighter side. Like before I think about what could be next, side effects, what may lead to serious illness, needles that my daughter will help me. Before I cry, he will be there holding me and reminding me not to show my emotion of being sad in front of our daughter.


Really, it is a process of overcoming so many factors such as stress, worry, tiredness.

The story is, Laia had chickenpox, 26 April and then had 3 days fever which is about 38-39 degrees Celsius. The pox is horribly big and irritating her skin. Then we have to find ways and ask her paediatrician what to do.


1. No ibuprofen is allowed. So, you can only give your child Paracetamol. Clearly, as a young mother, I saw that ibuprofen works faster than the Paracetamol. But the research over the years has found that Ibuprofen develops many side effects while giving to a patient suffering from chickenpox. This may lead to serious skin infection and prolonging the wounds. You can check out this article that helped me understand way further the implications of ibuprofen with toddlers:

Chickenpox and ibuprofen, what you need to know


There is also suppository for kids. When you are having trouble giving them the syrup orally. Like for example when Laia sleeps and we don’t want to disturb her from sleeping well. We use the suppository and she remains calm. You also have to observe the efficiency of the suppository to your kids. Sometimes, it is not as accurate as the syrups.

2. Creams are available by the pharmacy. We have used the one from A-Derma, Cytelium. This is a drying lotion that would help the skin to calm down to itchiness. This cost 12.90 euros by the counter of the pharmacy without any prescription needed.

3. No bath and shower and just give your toddler refreshing towel dump on the skin, no scrubbing. The goal is to let the wounds stay dry as possible. The just give the drying lotion right after the towel dump.




4. Everything can be covered with poxes. Her head, he bum, her part of genital too, try not to put her diaper and just put an underwear-like panty or short this will help to air the part of the body that has wounds to dry.


Okay, then she was healed and perfectly playing again and eating well. After the chickenpox, we live normally even if we are still seeing Laia has so many dried wounds on her face, scalp and her arms too! We just knew it will be dried and then cream helps her sooth her skin. Then the 10th of May, Wednesday, she had her bath and her afternoon nap. She woke up with fever. Observing her that maybe this is still part of her healing chickenpox. Turned out that not. We had a rough Wednesday night and then the whole morning of Thursday she still has a fever, not going down even I gave her Paracetamol after 4 hours, I saw her temp is still high between 2-3 hours and not going down after 4-5 hours. Thursday afternoon we decided to go to the emergency of the UZ Jette, direct to the Children’s Hospital. We needed to:

  1. Check Laia’s vital signs: everything is clear and well
  2. Throat Infection: No signs
  3. Ear Infection: No signs
  4.  Verify blood test: A little inflammation
  5. Urine test: Positive with infection


The worst part is, she doesn’t want to pee. So we waited 4 hours, it has been 10 pm and she doesn’t have any single pee yet. When finally she did, it was spilt over the diaper instead of the bag sticking to her genitals. Then they finally decided to use a dipstick catheter to take her urine samples. Of course, Laia is crying during all these procedures and I am very glad Marlon, my husband is beside me. Reminding me of controlling my self on how I express my emotions in front of my daughter. Exactly, 4 am in the morning we were in our room where Laia is admitted.

We have all the comfort we need in the room including:

  1. Bed for Mama or Papa whoever staying with the baby
  2. Toilet and Shower
  3. Bath for the baby
  4. TV
  5. Wifi
  6. Radio
  7. Water, Coffee and Tea

The next day Friday, my husband did not make it work, he stayed with us sleeping in the hospital and he brought us all we need including clothes and my medicine because I am also in a treatment, which I will write on the upcoming blog entry about.



Urinary Infection cause by her changing hormones, that even she is drinking water or liquids she developed constipation.

When the bladder is full and it is being pushed towards the large intestine with hard faeces in. There is bacteria present and it goes to the urine, making the urine travel through her urinary tract and spread the infection to her urination process. It makes pain, and it makes fever. Worst is, if it is long-term, the kidney and bladder can develop the abscess. So the doctors checked her:

  1. Blood Inflammation
  2. Ultrasound for her Kidney and Bladder twice and both are perfectly negative with any signs of infection
  3. Intravenous antibiotics for 7 days
  4. Going home we need to give her oral antibiotics for 7 more days
  5. 6 weeks follow up right after

What I have learned is this can happen, but this can be observed and quickly cured by getting your doctors attention. Signs that your toddler has UTI:

  1. Unwanted urine smell
  2. Constipation 2-3 days
  3. High fever
  4. Saying “Mama, pain” pointing her genitals

Luckily, Laia is now turning 2. She can say phrases and can express her feelings if she has pain somewhere.


Stress is not only your feeling at the moment of your toddler sickness. But also the emotions you are showing with your child. Being a woman, a mother with working hormones and estrogen name we all and what not, we have a roller coaster emotion especially when we are feeling defeated by any situations. Focus on what’s matter:

  1. Medications for your toddler
  2. Feeding, eating, drinking lots water
  3. Hygiene, hand washing


Mama and Papa should exchange time of napping and rest. Sleep when your toddler sleeps and drink loads of fluid. Shower, so you have the fresh mind to think about solutions. Help each other, empower each other by simply expressing gratitude. I say, thank you often times to my husband for bringing us all we need and giving us the home comfort that will help us feel home. For example, he brought me my bible, my journal, laptop with HDMI. He immediately fixes the wifi so we could watch films a day. Sit together as the family, this is important. When your baby feels good, play with her.


The insurance in Belgium and health system helped us a lot. We are 100 percent covered by the required insurance with my husband’s work and if we will have trouble with them we have our personal hospital. We can go home, without thinking of anything to pay.

  1. Keep all important documents for the insurance requirement
  2. Photocopy recent hospitalisation files for references, important numbers for control
  3. Keep all the receipts including medicine brought from the pharmacy, ask for attestation and this is reimbursable 

Listen to your doctor and observe your toddler while having a fever. Keep a thermometer with you so even if you don’t have the nurse checking you, you can always verify and see the progress.

Bring her favourite toy and film with you guys. This will also help her relax and forget the feeling of being sick.

We are also thankful, that the hospital has APPELTUIN, a play room for children who are staying in the hospital. Laia enjoyed playing there but she doesn’t like to be left alone without Mama or Papa.



That’s all mommies!


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12 Comments on “Surviving Toddlers Consecutive Sickness

  1. I am so scared of chicken pox! I’ve never had them before, I’ve always been told it’s bad as an adult. Very informative post into this. Thank you. 👍🏻

  2. Having a child who is sick is challenging, no matter the age. And to be honest, the chicken pox are one of my biggest concerns as a mother. I have memories of when I had them, that weren’t pleasant. I just hope that when my daughter does get them, that I will be as prepared as possible to handle the situation.

  3. Having your kids get sick is always a big change in your daily routine and it takes toll on everything! Your tips are really good for both illness. hope she felt better afterwards.

  4. Oh my goodness! I sure hope that she is getting better. It is so scary as a parent when your child is sick like this. Keeping stress levels down can be hard to do, but it sounds like you stayed calm and focused on her recovery.

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