Stories I Cannot Tell-All Online

I normally have a blog All About My Inspirations, I made a decision to be on Patreon to be able to share and write some of the topics I won’t share online. My husband is a very private person. I struggled life in Belgium, changing country, languages, having a family and survived postpartum depression, being sick with a rare sickness after giving birth to our daughter. 

Now, juggling professional life, wanna-be book writer in the making and just want to mental clean my brain and using writing as my tool. 

My obsession to fitness and healthy living, minimalism, still being fashionable, books and life long learning made me want to share lessons learned, hoping you won’t judge every mistakes. 

I hope we can have fun and learn from one another! Every contribution will help me run the blog I still have online and exclusively will publish topics for those will subscribed on my Patreon page.

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3 Comments on “Stories I Cannot Tell-All Online

  1. I think this is both brave and inspirational Floby. Like you, there are things I would like to write about but never could if my friends and family knew about them. I will follow this with interest and I think what you are doing is really beneficial. Wishing you all the best with this venutre.

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