***This article is written for review purpose and is a paid campaign with Neveo, my opinion over their product is genuiene as the experience is great as a consumer point of view. ***

Keeping Our Family Closer

The season is kicking with so many rushes of giving gifts, parties and celebration. As our family is quite small, me, my husband and my daughter Laia. We are not always present with my in-laws. Grandparents play special roles in the lives of the kids nowadays, some can babysit, keep the kids and go around vacation with them. Laia’s grandparents live at the seaside, 2-hour drive away from us. They are not also a big fan of the internet. I was thinking, finding great ideas to be close to them and somehow let them see how Laia is getting big or her milestones to share with them like her first walk, first word and oh she just potty training done and successful! But how can I be able to share this stories since they are out of the radar of the internet and technologies?

Until I found Neveo, a wonderful application that can be used for collecting photos, them having it printed for you and sent to grandparents!

How does it work?

Voila! As easy as that! You may be wondering how it works it to make it simple, here is a very helpful infographic:

I was thrilled to accomplish something worth for the memory keeping and of course surprising Mamou and Dadou with this wonderful idea. I downloaded their app, to tell you their customer service is the best! They are very guiding clients on what to do. If you are not yet familiar with this kind of app, I am informing you know that your photos for privacy are safe. It is also included in Neveo’s campaign to protect our photographs. Your photos remain your property and are stored on protected servers.

They have two options:

50 photos every month: 9. 99 euros

100 photos every month: 14.99 euros

Signing up is FREE, means you only pay the job they do and cost of the booklet. Every month the pictures will be lay outed for you and sent to your recipient: Grandparents!

They have so many seasonal promos coming every time! There are a lot of surprises!

My Personal Neveo Experience

After signing up, I have collected the photos I have on the phone, uploaded it directly to my Neveo app as November photos. I got so excited I finished 50 photos without know it! I also made my personal comments/captions specific as I can so that Mamou and Dadou can enjoy the photos even more! Every step of the way, I was updated through email on what’s happening with the photos. From completing the 50 photos, layout, printing and sending it out I was getting updates about! I am so excited to have my first copy and the rest of the year for the grandparents! Then after all the process, I have received my copy on my doorstep!

Enjoying Neveo

As a family, we have opened the enveloped together. I was worried it would be damaged through the post and or with the rain it can get wet. But, Neveo are super team protecting our lovely booklet! Laia enjoyed seeing our photos together and I explain to her that grandparents can see and received the same photos to see her. Her updates, milestones, how tall she is now! It literally brings our family closer together without them having so many complicated processes to do so. They don’t have to face a device, they only have to receive it, look at it and enjoy it! Grandparents happy, updated and closer with their grandkids! A very nice concept from Neveo that our family really enjoyed.

After a couple of days, we phoned the grandparents and asked about the photos! They are thrilled as well and had a wonderful time spent looking at the photos we sent!

Neveo is both available for Google Play and App Store! You can choose whatever you are using, there’s no problem with compatibility. They are delivering worldwide, yes, I am thinking of subscribing another photo booklet for my parents in the Philippines! They can delivery anywhere in the world! Amazing huh?

How did I discover Neveo? By looking at videos, online research. I saw this video that is heartwarming, now the season of getting together is not only during holidays. We can keep the spirit of closeness as a family with this wonderful invention!

I am totally a fan of this concept!

And more?

More fun! Every month will be fun while we are collecting photos. Oh, by the way, you can also add one user. Which I did add my husband because he also has so many pictures of Laia and our little family in his phone. He can also upload photos directly from his mobile phone! The best part is we are making a tradition of collecting photos as a family. We have an activity that can be done throughout Laia’s childhood and continue as long as we wish.

Thank you Neveo and to your team having this developed for families! We need this kind of great ideas to connect with grandparents, a way of reminding that they are loved and remembered all the time. Developing closer relationship and togetherness all throughout the year! If you are looking for something worth the experience for your kids to grew up with collecting photos and putting them together is still in my list!

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Floby Villaralvo