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Reading as a Good Habit

Well, contemplating about rewiring my reading habits for better learning and cognitive thinking. Planning is always included. It is not easy to be with my toddler until the end of the year, doing so many things like meeting people, reading materials to improve my blogging entries, write up and traffic.
Returning to school, being a wife, a Mom and establishing the life I want to have. At the end of the day, the key is with me, I am the key. To my everyday habits, time management, social media engagements, relationships, duty as a wife as a servant. What more to add?
Reading is learning. We get overwhelmed by titles, pictures, and many more visual effects, that we scroll up without really reading. Now that we have videos, readers are less and less. Videos are interactive moving not like the blunt letters that yeah we can choose to change fonts, sizes, colours, Italicised, make it bold and what more? But, for us writers, we would appreciate if you would read our messages, articles and not just read the header and then scroll up.
When we care, we will pay attention and reading is paying attention. To the message of the writers and to the purpose why it is written. And then comes caring when you share it!
I can be one of too many Mommy bloggers around the globe. A typical writer that has time to share stories on a website. I am here to strongly encourage you to read the fruit of my experiences and learnings. That may be, possibly be at help to your struggles, daily living and motivation in life.
I may not be writing the style you want me to be but I am at my best, writing, passing the message that I want you to read and know anyhow. Again, read, care and share!
The world needs beautiful, magical things that can transform once mindset. Be enlightened feeding your mind with good things, focus on your cognitive thinking. Where you are focus despite how cruel your surrounding is. Be an influence, pass a book, share a link that has struck your attention, pass it on. Give it a thumbs-up when it deserves one.
I have tons of books, articles online and tutorials to learn this January 2018? Let us not scroll up and let us all read, find it helpful? Pass it on! Like a magic, it will make a change!
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