Parenting When You Are Sick

Just imagining it while I am totally fine and fit. It gives me the feeling of being sick, running away and closing the door for hours. But in reality, I have to get up, care for my child, bring her to school, be a Mom and a wife.

The hardest thing to keep up is going out with a cold at the cold being cold. While having all the symptoms that are totally driving you crazy. Now, being under the weather is a sure light word to describe it the moment your down and dead it is another story. It is not easy to live alone in a foreign country, oh that has this unbelievable weather ever, every day it changes it progresses and worsen. What can we do? Live with it and be brave!

Doctor # 1: It is just a cold

Momentarily, writing this is part of my recovery program. Whether I like it or not I have to face these monsters in my body and receive healing by taking all my medications, going to the doctor and they will be done. Off we go Saturday to the emergency because we are feeling the urgency of seeing a doctor, is in order with all my paperwork at work- oh I am a working Mom too! Almost forgot about that thinking how to handle this flu and my daughter.

Everyone at the hospital sounds funny, telling me, you should go home, there is no urgency and you only have colds, needs rest. The doctor walked away while I am still pausing him some questions, on his back saying ” You can just go straight home.” In short, they are super unpolite. I know there is a certain level of urgency before you could go visit the emergency department–believe me, my husband tried three doctors for the weekend to call them and see them first, NO ONE has answered.

Bottom line: We went home happy with a piece of paper but not with the consultation result.

Home Remedies and Basics

Now, going back to my tea, ginger, lemon and loads of water. My throat begins burning, coughing like a barking dog and my daughter is looking at me saying “Mama is sick.” Oh yes, I am! I will be totally getting the rest I need! Indeed, home remedies can help a lot but there are certain limits when you got a strong virus that you have to really go to the doctor and have rest. I still recommend to keep up with your tea, vapour rubs and honey, plus a lot of water.

A Good Hand At Help

My husband is a total rock star! All around, whenever I needed him. When I am sick or not he is always there for me. You may need to sleep, skip your chores and tasks that you need to do. When someone can give a hand, believe me, sleep and let them do it for you. This is better for you to recover fast and get back on your feet rapidly.

You partner with your spouse with everything. Some people get help from other family members which is also good. We always encourage husband and wife tandem to be effective and efficient with all endeavours they have to do. On the other side, having some help can also save you time and energy.

Arrange Your Home Pharmacy

Always, check your expired medicine and bring it back to your local pharmacy for proper disposal. Also, when you have an organized space for medicine like a home pharmacy it will always be easy to find what you need. I normally keep my prescription, insurance stickers or vignettes in my pharmacy as well.

Be sure to lock your pharmacy especially when you have a curious toddler who is always peeking in what is inside your covered. My husband managed to put this child lock system from Ikea on our pharmacy drawer. Like this everything is organized and secure.

Let Them Know

The office, HR and your managers that you are sick. This way it will be easy for them to source people who can replace you on the workforce and they will not be left behind with the performance target they may need while you are away. Do not forget to keep all the papers, doctor notes and certificate to keep your files in order at work. All you have to think is rest and recover to get back to work again ready!

Do Not Let Them Know

Be professional, refrain from posting unnecessary photos and activities on social media. Remember, you are at home to rest, get the maximum of your time to recover. Yes, you can browse and read social media but the idea of not having anything posted like, your activities, what do you cook, you eat you read or whatever is not essential for your recovery and current situation.

Focus your time being well and parenting so that you can save your energy, time and you can still function efficiently as a parent even if you are sick.

Clear Your Mind

Some pray, meditate. I personally listen to podcasts or TEDTalks until I fell asleep. This will keep your mind strong going towards your healing. I will do this with a warm tea and candle, then let your little one stay with Daddy or anyone who can babysit for you. Think about you, care for yourself and then you can also continue to take care of others.

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5 Comments on “Parenting When You Are Sick

  1. Two years ago I had a hip fracture and was in a lot of pain up until my surgery, and post-surgery while recovering. I had to rely on my 3 older children to help with my toddler. They did a great job, and I think it helped them to really understand that we are a family and we help each other out. It also helped them learn how much mom really does around the house each day.

  2. Motherhood is not an easy journey; however, it’s also very rewarding. It’s not a comfortable place to be when you are sick and also trying to balance looking after the kids. But, we do try to remain strong.

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