Art of acceptance
On Planning, Changes: THE ART OF ACCEPTANCE

Our plans don’t always go our own way to happen. Some are the delay for a purpose, others are cancelled not to take too much risk. But most of them work together for better and good of everyone.

I have so many plans that were built on my hopes. And yes, some of them will be postponed. The reality is the new year is not just attacking to do what is your plan but also knowing when you have to accept and set one foot backwards for a good reason.

I have a clean slate this January. High hopes. Some of them are destroyed and must be replaced by another plan that may be better than the one I made 2017.

Life is like that. You just have to remember not to give up and rebuild again and again. You will get there somehow. Maybe not the way you want to, but the way how destiny has written it for you. Do not resist. Let it happened. Cry when you are disappointed, then plan out your best plan b, c, d to z if necessary.

Just don’t lose hope. Your plan a may be the best amongst but maybe the plan but to z are the most suitable and doable.

Continue, be at your best for the present and everything will pay off on its own time. Your purpose is not wasted because of a changed plan. But strengthen for the most challenging ones.



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Floby Villaralvo