NEW YEAR: Warm Thanks for The Life of My Father, New Heart, New Life


A few months ago, to be exact February, my father had his heart operation. But before all it happened, we don’t have the means to do it. The story is this, the same story I have posted in GoFundMe, where people learned about the situation of my Father and then we have received help, from each part of the world:
My father was diagnosed with a heart ailment, Rheumatic Heart Disease, when he was a little bit younger, we do not have the way for the operation to do as the health care system in the Philippines is difficult and expensive. We have decided to continue his medicines instead of doing the operation back then because it is very expensive for us, we do not have 750 thousand Pesos, or 15, 000 Euros to totally do an open heart operation.  Now his heart was enlarged and 2 valves are affected, he lives with an oxygen tank at home. I am away here in Belgium, but I am only a student, studying through a government grant and I do not have means to help financially. I am thinking this way, I can let people know how hard it is for my family now in the Philippines having the situation of my Papa.
We have finally all agreed to raise the fund and yes to his open heart operation. This way we will be able to extend the life of my Papa and he can be able to see his grandchildren in the future, my parents are now living with my 2 other sisters who are earning less than of what we need for Papa’s medication and operation and or some other needs they have for the family i.e electric bill, water bill etcetera. At the hospital in Manila, the capital of the Philippines, my parents have to go commuting on a public transportation, que for hours before they can get the treatment my Papa needs and of course the availability of the money should be there. Papa’s medicine costs 3000-4000 pesos a week, he needs oxygen tank refill, and nebulizer.
I am knocking on your hearts to help him extend his life, any amount to help us raise for the operation will be part of our steps to succeed extending his life.
My Papa is fighting bravely, for almost 2 decades now since he was diagnosed– each breath he has now, and we would like him to get back as a happy, kind and giving person we know instead of someone restless fighting his life. He is the one who thought a lot of wisdom in this world and through this I can only show my love to him as his daughter, since I do not work yet now.
It will be great if you can be part of his journey of healing and recovery!
Thank you very much!
It was also written in French will you can read on GoFundMe campaign I have posted.
During December 2016, it was already to difficult for Papa to have his life, fighting a loss of a family member Tatay Geoff on the 10th of December, the shocked has created an impact. Not only this, of course the sickness has been there for long years. In which led him to have difficulties, catching his breath and yes, he was dying. He loss his weight, as thin as 45 kilos from his normal weight. No appetite to eat and name it all dying symptoms.
I was on my training as nurse in a hospital here in Belgium, as a student, no income to help and send money to the Philippines, I have blindly made the GoFundMe campaign.
GoFundMe Campaign Andy SMLXL

Of course, the 825 euros collected for the goal of 15, 000 euros are not enough. But the miracle of the Lord is present, so many good Samaritans helped us, doctors waved their fee, with so little expectations to people that we never imagined to be extending their help donating blood for him. The operation went well, but then he had ICU psychosis after the operation due to the loads of medicine he took. Almost, a month he could not put his brain in order, his thinking on the mess of making ideas that he is not yet operated, he is still sick. He was grumpy with the nurses, with my Mother, my sisters and he don’t want to follow his exercise for his lungs given by the doctor. Meaning, it doesn’t stop on having the operation itself. The challenge was up for us family, I am being far and blindly trust in the Lord for everything. He recovered!

Now, that Papa is 59, we would like to take the opportunity of thanking all of you have helped us, him, in all many ways, those who helped financially, donated the blood, offered prayers. Here is a short video from my Papa, a message of thankfulness to all of you and to the Almighty God who has everything in order.







The health system of the Philippines is not good. The medical attention that Filipinos need is only available to those who have money. God knows all the effort that my family made for the operation to happen.

My Father is meant to be with us and continue his life with a purpose, he still and hasn’t able spend time yet with my daughter Laia (18 months old) and the wedding of my younger sister Maco is up on August 2018, and me being here in Belgium since 2014, I haven’t been with them for almost 3 years now, I still want to see them all.


thank you card SMLXL



From the bottom of our hearts, you know all who you are. Many thanks for the help you have extended for the life of my Papa. For the doctors and nurses of Philippine Heart Center, thank you all! We continue to serve the Lord for the miracle of life He has given my father.


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  1. Wow! Happy new year hun! I am happy that your dad is alive and well. I love my pop too and know how much the help means to you. God bless you!

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