My Transition Back Being A Working Mom

Coming in January, I can clearly remember how disappointing was I making choices from last year. I could not do any of my career plans because I have to stay home and care for my toddler. Now, time has gone, as and looking my self every day in the mirror and bring Laia to school catching the metro subway to go to Brussels and work. Ta daaaa! I am back!

I cherished all little moments I have shared with my little one. Everything we do together with our routines and our play time. Somehow part of me still says I would like to be out there, being on my best day, best job and go home and be a Mom and a wife roll into one. It was a vague picture last year, like thinking it will be still a long way. Originally, we stick to the plan that I would go back studying Dutch this year which I did for the first two weeks of January while juggling all mommy duties at home. I was very happy growing my blog and working for a few clients I have a Virtual Assistant. Then, opportunity comes when you are not looking for anything at all. I am occupied being a volunteer for TedxFlanders, the event is coming out soon but then I had to choose to be as a Virtual Assistant or try out my path having a professional career in Brussels. I say, why not!

I love learning new things, being on the go, hearing the city noise. I said let us do this! To cut the long story short of finding a job, getting an interview and all. I was offered a job in Louis Vuitton for client services. I am super nervous, excited and thrilled to start. After I accepted the job offer, I started training for two weeks then I am now Louis Vuitton Jedi! The thrill is not just working for a luxury brand. I am excited about learning new things, being with people again outside the four corner of my house, having meetings with real people, interacting with, growing with each other. Because my job as Virtual Assistant made me work online, on-call, emails and video calling.

Time is essential

I have experienced being a full time, stay at home mom and now I am being introduced to the whole new world of working-transition being a working mom. I have took the job full time, I need to do strategic plan for everything. From meal planning, to making breakfast, cleaning the house, laundry. How do I do all these? I could not imagine other Mom’s who are also working full time in a busy schedule, no house hold help culture. Am I ready? I figured, there is not time to be prepared but have a good team, you and your husband. The only way it will work!

Marlon and I talked about tasks that we need to do who’s doing what at home and how do we share time taking care of Laia. I have to refrain with social media including blogging for a while to be able to grasp the full adjustment that we are going to face. Comes January after I started first week of February at work. Hoot-suite helped me manage my social media activities and I even got two clients being served with automated posting power of Hoot-suite.

Teamwork for Effective Routine

I am very glad that I am working UK time, so basically I start at 9:45 am. I have time to prepare Laia and bring her to school. In the afternoon I finish at 6:00 pm, Marlon is the one getting Laia from school at 4:30 pm. Marlon does the bath for her and feeding her, pyjama at the latest schedule I also have 8:00 pm end shift. He tucks in Laia to bed as well at 8 when I am exactly on my way home. Working until 6:00 pm gives me time to still eat dinner with them and put Laia to sleep.

Being hands-on, I thank Marlon a lot for participating with me in the life that we have chosen being both working parents. After three months of not posting and writing anything on my blog. I figured I will still continue writing, manage my time and get inspired about the beauty of life. Indeed, it is another level of learning discipline, maturing as a parent this is another step up for a challenge. We are now used with the routine we have and my schedule is posted every month together with all our To-Do-List in the kitchen board.

Rest, Move and Eat Healthy

I usually spend time at night watching some soaps or reading a book on the bed. It is need for us to relax our mind from the chaos of the journey. Before during my working days,being single. I work, eat and sleep. I don’t even think about having a go for a walk or going to the gym. Yoga and pilates is on my list. After being used with the all the changes after 2 months it is time to look for a leisure activity that would us nourish our mind, soul and body. I am excited to feel changes in my system after stopping with a treatment I am under going for months now, the one I started last year. Combining physical activities will help us be stronger. After three months of having the transition for a big change in our household. It is time to begin something. Marlon will probably be back running twice a week. I will encourage him to do so and have time for himself too. He is our real super hero with everything!

Modify the menu and cook good food. There are so many food to prepare for a week and or every two days to fill in you tummy with good food. In the afternoon at work, we are usually having salad or sandwiches. Laia is enjoying her soup, sandwich and they also have cookies and milk after nap time.

We all can play our roles as a mother in many different ways. It can be that you are a working mom too just like me, or a stay at home mom. We are all dedicated to our family, kids and husband. Do not forget to have time for yourself, think about your own comfort, me time and breathe out all the stress when things are getting so overwhelming. I love the fact that I have experienced both side of being a stay at home mom and now working. Nourish your self with good thoughts, have a hobby. Play with your kids, spend time with you husband. Things can be stressful of course, but you and your partner in life will be the one to row your boat going in the same direction.

In the end there are so many beautiful days coming with your little family that brings you joy and faith to each other as husband and wife through the years. More than just being married but being best-friends, partner in life to accomplish all of your dreams.

Here is what I can’t stop watching and I am nearly done with Season 1-2 and 3! Season. 4 is here! You can check it out too!

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