MOMINSPIRATION: Raquel Padre, How Did She Decide To Have Her Own Business

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Meet Our First Mominspiration

Today, most of us are busy with so many things happening around us. Minding our own business has been a norm since we are too busy to look at what other people are doing in their lives. But I think, we should care about worth sharing stories such as bravery of being a Mother (and so many side roles we Mother’s can do aside). I have decided to put this series for women to be heard at the same time let other people be inspired by what they are doing. We have our first Mominspiration series today and we start on getting to know a modern Mom of today!

Name: Raquel Padre
City: Cavite
Work: Treasury Supervisor
Kids: 3 
      Dylan 10yrs old
      Mikay 3yrs old
      Miggy going 2yrs old

Raquel is brave looking at her situation having three kids and a full-time job to decide and have her own business on the side. For her, this is more than just a part-time job. She is giving her best on everything she does, being a Mother, she makes sure that she won’t compromise her daytime job and her new found love doing business with Mary Kay as an independent distributor. In the society many have low interest in network marketing, cheap beauty products are available around. Without any doubts, she did her first step in getting to know more about the company and discovering her skills to grow in this business. Here is  a quick fun conversation I had with her:

How and when did you decide that you want a business aside from employment?

Well even before, when I was a kid, I love selling… I was able to sell a lot of things. And then the purpose begins to grow more than just to make money. It became a passion for me. I like helping other people as well, bringing their needs to them and at the same time earning and learning. 

How did you choose your business?

I choose my business considering what are the demands and the needs of people and of course the quality.  Like before, I was selling dimsums before like siomai, siopao, eggs, lumpia shanghai, food basic commodity and urgent needs in the office snacks, also like noodles,biscuits, coffee, and even ready to wear clothes (which personally control and check the fabric and quality for my clients) jewelry like Italy silvers.

I was also with USANA (another network marketing company)before and many others, to say I did so many trial and errors when it comes on choosing what I really would like to do in a long-term basis. Now I’m into Marykay and I can say that I’m really on the right track. Wherein, I can lead women and influence them. Not just to make them beautiful but also to gain confidence within.

Why Mary Kay?

Marykay leads me to my purpose and this is to empower women.

The first thing is I want to be beautiful and groomed. They say you are developing your personality, learning more about how to be beautiful inside and out at the same time earning. But, after attending forums and training under Mary Kay, I have learned the deeper purpose of the business is to empower women. Like I am, as a Mother, which leads me to my purpose of helping others and empowering women.

What I love about Mary Kay is they are providing busy Mom’s like me a very good system, on their website to monitor all my inventories and business structure. If I made a sale or not I can check my earning without going gaga over so many things to write. Things are digital now!

What are the challenges?

The challenge is within me. Since I’m working and have three kids to take care of plus the household chores, I also get tired and tied up with so many things to do.  But, after I rest my mind and body, I can go on again and continue doing business. I believe that self-care is so important to be able to have the spirit to continue!

How do you play motherhood and business at the same time?

The key is time management. It’s like working and schooling before. I can handle stress.  Like the stress that I can say a happy kind of stress because,  when u love what you do you won’t feel tiredness and stress at all because you are happy along the way. 

What is your vision of yourself?

I can say after a couple of years from now I envision myself having my own business another one aside from Mary Kay.  I won’t be employed anymore and I am out of the 8-5 rat race because I have my own business already. Doing my purpose and achieving my goal and my passion.  I want to be a motivational speaker to young women.
In Conclusion

Wow, I heard and I have tried myself looking at network marketing as well before. And I can say that Raquel found her interest and doing what she is passionate about while she is growing herself. It is the most important ingredient of being in any sorts of business, regardless of what is it. I am an also a startup Virtual Assistant in digital marketing. There are so many things we are looking at, we should not forget to be on the right track where our passion leads us towards our success.

Cheers to you Raquel and share this with anyone you think can find inspiration in her!



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15 Comments on “MOMINSPIRATION: Raquel Padre, How Did She Decide To Have Her Own Business

  1. Incredible post! Thank you for sharing 🙂 you are really inspiring to me as a fellow mother. I love when you talked about your passion and juggling motherhood and your business. Loving what you do is so important. I love your blog xoxo ❤️

  2. What an accomplishment! I am sure it must feel very gratifying to have succeeded in so many areas of your life. I wish you the best with your future endeavors!

  3. I love the idea of your Mominspiration series. Very fun. And so important for readers to be able to connect with other moms they identify with. May we all be women that inspire and sparkle! 🙂

  4. Thanks for this inspirational post. It is so easy to get caught up in daily life with kids and your post is a great reminder that we can set out what we want to do!

  5. I love that you are featuring amazing Mom’s to help inspire other women! Great story. I agree that the challenges lie within us and that time management is the key to being Mom and worker-bee! Keep up the great work. The world needs more people to lift each other up!

  6. This is a fantastic idea! I love seeing successful women and hearing about how they manage life with kids. And I’ve heard such great things about working for Mary Kay. I remember a representative coming to our house when I was very, very young so they’ve been around for a long time!

  7. This is great. Empowerment and inspiration is exactly what we need as a society. Thank you for the great post and I look forward to reading more.

  8. This is an awesome post and truly an inspiration to other moms out there. It’s always wonderful hearing someone else’s journey it can be quite a motivation for others feelstuck too

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