Mama Discovers: Mother’s Day Gift Idea with Rosegal


While everyone is receiving bags, pieces of jewellery, I am feeling of receiving or buying myself a new pair of lingerie. It is right in time that Rosegal is having their special Mother’s Day PROMO with their RED LINGERIE collection this May 4-17. I am very happy for they have touched some of the taste and sharing with you now are my favourites from this collection. Sometimes, it is hard to shop lingerie in some shops because of privacy and choosing, taking time looking at the design, how cute it is or the appeal of it. Women have to have space for looking and thinking which one suits their wants. The style also matters, which would suit your personality on choosing a lingerie. Depends also on occasions, for example, wedding anniversary, date night with husband or boyfriend, pyjama party. There are so many things to consider I have learned to be calm shopping online. I hardly have shopped for my lingerie, so I think this time I deserve something cute for myself.

Here are some photos from the Rosegal online store, Red Lingerie:

The above photos are cute and simple and it is not that naughty. It matches my personality. I like cute and comfy stuff but I also like to keep it sexy. Also, I have seen also some are for girls who can be outgoing and wild sometimes. Then, I think it is too personal to show you what would I choose If I want to seduce my husband, hahaha. But, he likes it also cute and simple. Remember, I also consider that we have a baby now around and we couldn’t do more with it. Respecting that we have comfortable home ambience with a baby and a happy couple life.

So here is my quick list of favourites from the Rosegal’s RED LINGERIE:

Lingerie Velvet Chemise Pants and Robe 3 Piece Pajamas

This cute pyjama is a winner! I love it for it is so simple and elegant. You can remove the first piece and under is a spaghetti strapped piece. For now, it is SOLD OUT! Meaning that this is a very good item from Rosegal. Click the photo for more details!

Lingerie Cat-Face Velvet Slip Dress with Pad – Wine Red – Xl

This is just so cute to match up with a white robe or black robe at home. A cosy evening with my two, my husband and daughter. A movie night at home and relaxing. Good news, it is also SOLD OUT! Watch out for new stocks before it runs out again and you can click the photo for more looks and details. I am in love with anything animal prints and themes plus my daughter would love it!

Push Up Lace Padded Bra Set – Red

Very cute indeed and simple, this is so comfy and this will give me a good mood for a night out underwear, knowing that whatever happens you have cute underwear with. Always my rule since then, to have cute underwears. I remember being in a hospital for an accident after a party. Saw, this friend of mine who has horrible underwear. I said I don’t like to be in her situation. So, then on, whatever happens, I make it a point that I have good underwears.


Problem is I also don’t like to shop underwear with my husband. It somehow creates time for myself, a me-time that I can consider. Discovering what suits my needs and what I can still improve daily. It is also part of self-care. Dressing up, but not only what is outside, I believe that underwear should also be part of our routines, our hygiene. If you are giving a gift to your Mom of a friend, or your wife. I would suggest a gift card and let her choose her style.

Rosegal’s online shop offers a lot more stuff more than just lingerie. There are so many ideas you can find. What I like also there is a lot of options for plus size women, home, hair and beauty are also available. Always check the size chart when shopping as I always advise. Do not forget to also offer a sweet note together with your gift card or discount card or the cash that you want to give. You can also be creative by creating your own Happy Mother’s Day card and stick the cash or gift card inside with an envelope.

Check out their website by clicking the photo below to discover more:


They are also offering a discount as a gift for new users!


What more can we ask for?

Happy shopping and gift giving! Show love every day!


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  1. I am quite conservative, even after nearly 3 years of marriage. I’m thankful that they have items, I’d be comfortable wearing in front of my husband without being unattractive. I’ll have to look into this brand more, thank you for the lovely recommendation. It’s hard to find suitable lingerie for my tastes.

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