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MAMA DISCOVERS: Camouflage Choices Made Easy with Dresslily

It is indeed not always easy to find camouflage to wear for men and women. And choosing the right style that suits your personality. One thing might help but it is very hard to find elegant camouflage prints, that has quality, taste and simplicity. Personally, I don’t have too many options before until, good finds really came with Dresslily!

This very good website with many other choices shows us great finds and options letting us choose what we really need. Here’s a sneak peak of their camouflage collection:

Material and Details

There comes the first four where you can choose what matches your activity to do with when worn. Of course, there are sorts of materials you should always consider before choosing one. For men, it can always be easy to select because men are not particular really. The details are for people who like finding uniqueness.


Colours Matters

Not always plain but, you can also play with colours that match your very own taste. Also, a great suggestion is to blend in with the season. Choose the right colour depending on the season and weather. A very simple way of choosing clothes not only with camouflage but for all seasons. I like to match for example:

  • Winter- black, dark green
  • Spring- orange, yellow, and blue
  • Summer- orange, yellow, red, light green
  • Fall- brown, maroon, red, leafy green

Gift or Buying it for Yourself

The way I choose for myself and for others is totally not the same. I would always consider if the person prefers colours, or does he really a fan of camouflage or not. If not then, the thought of giving is always considered by the person you have given it. My Dad likes camouflage a lot and my husband does not. For your friends, you can ask maybe their favourite war movie before buying anything camouflage and then look the uniform colour present in the movie. I never imagine I could think of something like this until I saw the selection Dresslily has for us.

To have you realized the details I have looked at the selection here are my top 3:

Zipper Pockets Drawstring Camo Shorts

Who doesn’t like pockets? With this minimalist impression style, I can say that this is my top 1. The colour is perfect for all season. I love the pockets, this is needed for so many purposes, not to mention those who have very simple style taste, this will work for you guys. Giving it as a gift this one is the ideal one. For it is not very camouflaged and it is elegant.

Camouflage Drawstring Board Shorts

What I like about shorts above the knee, this gives an eye impression of being tall. For us Asian, we like taller looking men, this builds a very good match of my taste for my hubby or my Dad, they are both not very tall but to make sure the knee level is high a bit, this will go very nice on them both.

Camo Printed Layered Sports Shorts with Zip Pocket

This one has its own style chic and simple. Ideal for sports and it has a zip pocket for anything valuable you have you wanna carry with you. You make sure to find the partner of it, the shirt to complete your matchy outfit!

In conclusion, really Dresslily helped me out appreciating camouflage prints even if I am not a big fan of it. The trend print will never die and will always come back in all generations. I remember my mother-in-law telling me. Fashion trend repeats every ten years. Why not be into it anyway!

So many fashion sense are arriving at my attention since I have been a Mom and to be honest, they are all a big help, including Zaful, Rosegal and Dresslily! Seriously have so much fun writing discoveries about them all!

Shopping in Thailand is super cheap and generally high quality. Bangkok is also safe. If you see anybody wearing camouflage holding a machete, don’t be scared. They sell coconuts. -Bobby Lee

Camouflage is a game we all like to play, but our secrets are as surely revealed by what we want to seem to be as by what we want to conceal. -Russell Lynes

What a costume designer does is a cross between magic and camouflage. We create the illusion of changing the actors into what they are not. We ask the public to believe that every time they see a performer on the screen, he’s become a different person. -Edith Head

That’s all folks! Hope you all are having fun today! You are amazing!


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  1. I’m not a big camo person but those look nice. Most items in camo look manely but these just look comfy.

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