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Mama Discovers: Babyboom 2018

Mama Discovers

I can say that I had my Salon de Babyboom experience 2016 when I had Laia, and it is always different from a perspective of an expecting Mom and a Mom that has a child, who grew a bit with knowledge about parenting. I had so many things learned now, for example, things that are truly necessary for my kid and not. For what is worth it of trying to improve my everyday life as a parent. It is now a step up in my parenthood journey to learn even more, together with my blogger mama friend Sibylle and my husband Marlon, we went to the Babyboom, this time with our VIP pass! Sounds so much fun huh? It is indeed a  shared moment with a friend Friday and then coming on a Sunday with my husband to see more fun-filled activities they have for parents! I thank Naturally Mom, Sarah Bell, for we have won her raffle/concours.

Friday morning with Sibylle

La Folie de Bébé had their photobooth and surely I will not miss any of free photos! We took around the exhibitions with excitement and fun, Sibylle has a lot of ideas about natural products for babies and mommies. She is a big fan of green products too, I saw her having fun with her third baby coming! Our favourite picks are:

  • Tale Me
  • La Folie Bébé
  • Bee Nature
  • and another stroller brand for her babies

We also looked at possibilities for me to find a babysitter if I don’t have one when I eventually have an appointment with the doctor, job interview and other more relative render-vous for a new Mom in me.

Don’t mind the messy hair of Laia, for she has removed her ponytails. Haha! Sibylle has another that she has to take from school, so we have seen everything then we have to finish our morning. And I was feeling like going with Laia’s godmother, but she is busy for the weekend, then comes my husband Marlon, Sunday with me.

A Family Day at the Babyboom Salon

My husband is very supportive and he wants me to discover some more things in Belgium in relation with parenting, so as a blogger Mama, we went together so she can look after Laia and I can talk to people who have exhibited their services, products and more with the Babyboom 2018. It was fun meeting other Mom with the same passion as I am. People who are in baby product business and workshops that are packed with so much information to learn.

What I learned about Babyboom 2018

  • Kind en Gezin, a Flanders specialized sector for parenting, babies and children. I would be soon writing things that I have learned from them as a young Mom and there are so much to discover.
  • Baby Massage, to help baby to calm.
  • Filigranes, books and educational activities for babies and kids.
  • Info Band, a Swedish company for kids security bands.
  • Tale Me, renting clothes for kids and maternity
  • Happynest, second-hand clothes for children up to 12 years of age.
  • Swimming for parents and kids starting 2 years of age.
  • Lifecake, a canon company that printing photos for your keepsakes
  • and so muuuuuuuuch more!

The salon is full with a list of baby, kids stuff, that you to learn from food, security, clothing and education related matters, it is up to you, which suits your style, the needs of your kids, your budget. I am very happy to go around and chat with enterprise people who are into parenting stuff. People are very friendly, they are looking always what suits you and respecting the views of parents for their kids.

Friday, was a bit of a surprised for Babyboom 2018 organiser for they did not expect the number of people who came during the opening and they have not prepared a lot for giving out freebies some more extras for the VIP’s, they have posted a message and they made it up with us Sunday, I made video of the few products that I liked and received. Check out my video down below. I am not pro with this all video taking, so this is one of my first attempt at vlogging stuff that I am writing about.

Of course, Laia went tired and we went home accomplished with new things we learned, we are excited about the Filigranes, Swimming lesson, using the fotoprotége toi shades for baby. I personally, about learning more about Kind en Gezin. I like reading and improving my language skills here in Belgium, which is a good advantage for me to learn to learn new things constantly, and it is good for the brain.

Here are some more of my favourite picks from the Babyboom 2018:

Thank you Babyboom, Belgium and more power for the next coming years of exhibitions. What I also like is they have only had products for kids, but also, counselling, workshops, health-related booths for parenting and family life! It was indeed a successful event of the year!

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  1. I always love seeing the new toys and gadgets they have on the horizon for babies. They’re always so adorable! Thanks for your feedback, too! Looks like you had a great time and love your photos!

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