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Laia’s First Photoshoot Experience with Gold Fish, Kids Webstore

Nowadays, it is now on the trend to have diversity when it comes to faces of clothing brands and models. I would like to say that I am a big fan of modelling since then, and I wonder if my daughter would be pretty on wearing clothes for brands. Since she is too young, we don’t really want her to be tired of too many photo shoots. It was all trying to see a good dress for her coming second birthday, and it happened that one of a very good clothing shop for kids online that I am following is welcoming fresh faces for their clothes to be worn. Gold Fish, Kids Webstore, located in Mechelen have posted on their Instagram account an open shoot, for kids. Here is the ad that they have posted, 15 April.

I had my operation at the hospital the 20th then I went out the 21st afternoon, my husband and I went to see their store for the first time and the Gold Fish Team did some few shots of Laia. To change my orientation thinking about my biopsy results, we did some walk too. She was crying at first then playing with some props made her at ease. We don’t want to exaggerate. We did not insist on her changing clothes for some more photos. One dress is enough for her to try out the shoot. It turned out so cute, I am not expecting it to be really nice because she was grumpy. Four cute photos of her turned out gorgeous! Here are the photos:




The store, Gold Fish, Kids Web Store is having so many fun things to do this spring and summer!

They also have so many sorts of selection from selected brands for your little one. Check out their website for more details. You can now also shop on their Instagram account follow their account and see updates for exciting things, events coming! The good thing is they also have a selection for teens, it is amazing. I am only talking about their webshop here. Go and visit their shop at Vijfhoek – Mechelen. They also do worldwide shipping!

For now, I will tour you around their beautiful shop, enjoy the gallery down:


Check out also their T-shirt Madness!  

Sunny days are here and beach days are here too!!!! Their beach selection is so wonderful!

What I also like about Gold Fish, you can find so many unique stuff which I think is important for kids to showcase their uniqueness. There are some other more items you can check out like decorative stuff, lunch box, sunglasses and many many more! I myself had fun it was a quick visit, but if you are in that area of Mechelen/Malines in Belgium, then it is a place to check out. If you are anywhere in the world? You can most definitely shop online! Whether it is gift ideas or buying for your little one!

Here are some marks that they cater Bobo Choses, Morley for Kids, Tinycottons, The Animals Observatory, Molo, Aymara, Rita co Rita, Gosoaky, Kidscase and many more! They have Belgian made, and other more brands creatively made for your kids.

Gold Fish is a boutique for 0-16 years old, you have so many options to choose from!




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