I know for most parents we would really want a perfect haircut for our little one! I am always in to cutting Laia’s bangs or trimming it but I am not a pro when it comes to hair. We decided to let Laia’s hair grew a bit longer, observe how it will look and be ready for a nice trim. For a haircut, I would like it to be simple. The apple look with a little side bangs we did. I was nervous that she will not cooperate during the haircut, surprisingly she turned out a good girl. As part of grooming and care haircut is very important for children must have a presentable appearance. With Laia, the long layered baby hair helped us to put ponytails, made my life so easy. She doesn’t like headbands, even if we tried, she is always putting them off. She did wear one or two only for a pictorial she had at the daycare.

Here are some tips on how to make your babies haircut a fun experience:

Play haircut with a doll

This works very well with Laia! A week before her haircut, I started playing gestures of haircutting with her dolls. She will also play the same with another doll as I show her. Then, I will do and mimic the same gestures with her. At that time, she is having an idea, that she will have this experience one day.

Find the right place or salon

We are lucky to have MGM, Wemmel where we live. They have a nice ambience, nice people working. Some salons have chairs for kids or play time experience while having a haircut. All you need to do is find a place where your baby or toddler can be comfortable with.

Repeat play hairdresser

Sometimes kids want attention, with parents they can be difficult. Try having around a friend or let your child play first with the hairdresser for a short time. That way your child would behave in a perfect situation. With Laia, we were lucky that they had a cute dog around. She played with the dog and the hairdresser. She did everything that has been told by the hairdresser during the cutting session.

Set Example

Papa this time is also getting his hair done. On the other hairdresser, Laia can see Papa having the same experience as she is. She did not move, you will see her picture down below looking at the other direction, you’re right, that’s where Papa is sitting and getting a haircut just as she is!

Rewards can work

You can also give rewards to kids when they behave well during a haircut session. Right after, you can give treats she’ll love to have something she deserves for being a well-behaved child. Laia likes gummy bears which she doesn’t get at all times. We found this sugar free gummy bear and gave it to her after her haircut!

That’s how easy it is! An important milestone accomplished! Here is Laia’s look after her cut. Shorte at the back, all hair on the same length and a side bangs. Simple!

Thank you for reading our experience! Hope you’ll find our tips useful for your next adventure!

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Floby Villaralvo