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Laia’s First Day At The Dentist

Intentionally, we want Laia to have all medically related visit before she visits the Philippines. We have decided to let her visit the dentist now that she is two. Also, we have booked and did the consultation at the Travel Clinic, at the children’s hospital to for she will be first time travelling to the Phillippines. This experience will be shared in my next post. In the meantime, I would like to share with you all new Mom’s my experience with my toddler at the dentist.

Many of us, including I myself, have been scared for years with the dentist. In fact, living on a simple basis coming from a family that is not well of to pay the dentist (it is a luxury to have a dentist before, we have a yearly school dentist visit though) during my young days. We practical stick on brushing our teeth regularly, three times a day, and less sugar did not happen. Our sugar, sweets and candies are very frequent and we (my sisters and I) have lost a lot of teeth with the help of the doorknob and a thread. Time changes, priority changes and three of us have the great smile and my sisters have braces and regular visit to the dentist because they have a good paying job to pay it now. It is time to look forward and relearn my tooth fairy lesson now that I have my own child.

Laia is now two and she likes sweet too. But we are sticking to biscuits and fruits. the moment that she had her first tooth, we cannot wait to brush her, hahaha! We are so scared that she’ll have bad teeth in the future because of our shortcoming as parents. We intended to be hands-on and looking after what she’ll need when it comes to mouth hygiene and teeth. Happy Laia, she is not difficult. At her age, she can gargle water (amazingly!), say A and smile to brush her front teeth and put her tongue out. An amazing little girl she is enjoying her brushing moments every time.

Preparation is the key

I have been explaining to Laia, finally a week before the visit how a visit to the dentist is being done. And then I would act out that I am her dentist and you should say AAAAAAA. She is liking it and seems like getting the point what should the dentist do with her. It was a constant repetition every day and night for a week that we are going to brush together. The night before the visit, I told her that tomorrow is the big day. I will be doing the same visit and Papa will have consultation too. Off we go Monday morning and she is a happy brave smiling toddler.


Laia dentist
Laia, morning an hour before the dentist visit.

During the consultation

The moment has arrived for us all to be there and Papa went first. Laia observed well, how it is being done and the time that Papa says Aaaaa, Laia did the same. Again, I was there explaining that after Papa, it will be her turn and then Mama. We are all amazed, including the dentist, that during the preparation of the dentist on her table while both me and Laia are waiting for her, Laia is very excited. She is saying Aaaaa so frequent telling the sign that “Hey, dentist, I am ready.”

I am proud of her and she did not even have tantrums, she was not shy at all with the dentist and she says Bonjour. She is at ease and comfortable during the entire consultation.

Mother and Child
Mama and Laia waiting for the dentist.


Laia saying Aaaa happily.
One last molar tooth coming out.

The conclusion

She has one more tooth coming out, watch out for some crying because it is painfully coming out. She has a perfect set of teeth over all! This milestone has thought me as a parent the following:

  • to never give up, encouraging your little one to be brave.
  • who is the dentist?
  • why should we care for our tooth? At a very young age, she should get used to it.
  • constant repetition is a training, never get tired to explain things again and again.

I know, when the injection comes soon, it is needed again to explain and cheer her up, and give your toddler the adventure experience that she/he can do it! As a mother, we are not there only to care for their food, physical needs, hygiene, health, I do believe how they would learn milestones in life would shape them in the future. Let us all enjoy each moment, be patient, be brave!

coming up next…. Travel Clinic Consultation: Why is it necessary before travelling?







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9 Comments on “Laia’s First Day At The Dentist

  1. I’m dreading taking my son to the dentist.. the first time we went was a mess! I need to start prepping him now, your daughter looks like she does so well!

  2. I love how you prepared your daughter! My Doctor told us to take my son when he was 18 months old and our experience was really short — like 5 min!! I am honestly looking forward to his next appointment.

    1. Go Mom! You can do this, as long as teeth are out we have to care for them. Would love to know your experience as well, keep us all posted!!! Happy tooth fairy moment! 💕

  3. I was so nervous for our first visit as well!! I think being able to sit with her in the chair and letting her see the tools he used really helped as well!

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