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Laia’s First Airplane Ride

It is always hard for us to travel during Laia’s early age as a baby. That is why there are so many flight and vacation that has been cancelled. Like during 2016, our Philippines trip. Then now that she is a toddler and we have to really be home for my sister’s wedding last August 2018. I have to prepare her to ride the aeroplane. How did it go? You see her smiling on the photo below it is not all the time like that but, she is most of the time a happy baby on board.

Let me share to all, also for the benefit of the Mommies reading this blog post that is not easy but with patience, preparation and explanation it will be a lot easier than being what you are expecting.

Here are some tips on how to prepare your toddler with an aeroplane ride. Take note, we had to take 18 hours of flight Brussels to Dubai and Dubai to Manila. Not to mention that we had a 2-hour flight from Manila to Bohol Island and vice versa for one of our little adventure in the Philippines.

Prepare toys to play with

You may need:

  • Colouring book
  • Storybook
  • 4-5 of his/her favourite mini toys

I always observe Laia and I know what she likes to play in the car or what she prefers to hug when she sleeps. Take time finding this clues and this will be your lifeline when your toddler become bored to death on the plane. Well, to be fair with Emirates, they gave kids colouring books, toy bag with sleeping cover, those are cute stuff that Laia loved! Laia also has her own colouring pencils.

The plane also have a lot of cartoons and disney movies to enjoy!

Stay Mobile

We have no small luggage too as hand carry, we are on a backpack.

  • Backpack One

Papa has everything Laia needs in his bag, he has a sling bag for his cards, gums and phone. The general medicine we may three need to take just in case we need it.

  • Backpack Two

I have a back with all what I need and Papa’s need, and my handbag can be placed as a sling bag where all our travel documents are in.

  • Besrey Airplane Stroller that gives us the function of bringing it with us anywhere in the airport and folding it once we are boarded.

I will share to you guys more about this lovely stroller on my next coming post!

Take off preparation

Make sure that your little one has some gummy bears to chew, attention not to give a lot, make sure that you are on time giving some or else you will run out of it or your toddler would ask more. Get enough room to show your toddler how it looks like outside and explain how the basic flying or take off took place. Laia had fun with my little acting out of how it is done.

Be ready for feeding

If your toddler is still milking in the morning and night before sleep, be sure to prepare the formula and the water, take note, there is no microwave in any aircraft now, they use an oven to heat all their food. You may have to be prepared to use some warm water and then plunge your bottled milk for 5-10 minutes to achieve the right temperature for your toddlers’ comfort.

Spoon, fork and knives are available on board, plus biscuits, cupcakes, fruits and dessert after eating. Your toddler will really enjoy the yoghurt and sweets too!

Bring emergency kit

A small one will do and all the basic medicine like the following:

  • Travel sickness medicine
  • Ibuprofen
  • Paracetamol
  • Strepsils
  • Vicks Vaporub or Tiger Balm
  • Antihistamine for kids, just in case your toddler will have the hard time to sleep. This is also good for their comfort and makes sure you consult your paediatrician first before giving the medicines.
  • Extra sanitary napkin for you just in case you’ll have your period, you will never know sometimes

Sleep is important

Take turns sleeping when you have a toddler. Make sure that one of you has full of energy to look after the baby. I know, this is hard when there are so much to watch like movies on the plane, but sleep helps us a lot as parents. You will as a family will enjoy even more travelling when you are well rested. It is kind of hard but trying to do it will save you a lot of energy and patience.

Do not forget your travel sleeping pillows, earphones to relax and use the blanket that you have!

Finally, enjoy the airport! The Dubai stopover, we really did enjoy it! It was a big airport and beautifully made!

Above are some of our Amazon favourite products from our travel to Philippines! Til our next adventure!

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5 Comments on “Laia’s First Airplane Ride

  1. Wow! You are an amazing mommy. Traveling with little ones is not easy and traveling for that long is definitely a challenge. Glad your trip went well. Thanks for the tips!

  2. This is such a great post! I traveled with my 13 month old for the first time over the summer. We went from Oregon all the way to Florida. It was a long flight. But if people hadn’t written great posts like this one I would have been completely helpless.

  3. This is so cool, I have always been afraid to take my kiddos on a plane that young, seem like you had an over all decent flight and made it thete and home ok!

  4. That coloring book is so cute ! We have been traveling at least 3 times a year with my almost 6 year old since he was 2 months old. And I can definitely agree on the snacks ! Haha without snacks and activites to keep my son busy, it can turn to chaos as quickly !

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