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Our daughter always love, colours, cutting, creative things to do that we call bricolage in French. She always asking for exercises to do and to make. My husband and I made a list of things she can. We made balance over arts and craft, kitchen activities like helping cutting and pealing the fruits and vegetables. 

Laia still always ask something new.   Happily, we found Herlyn from Color Creators, each Sunday morning they organised art class for kids in English. In which we would like Laia to be more exposed as at home she speaks with me in Filipino, with Papa is always French and in school is Dutch. 

She offered us free two sessions and from there Laia enjoyed each time she is with her.   Their group is mixed of young children ages 3-10 years old. Of course sometimes the big one has to give way and chance to the small children. It is very beneficial for us because of the following reasons:


Laia learn to use her looking eyes and her listening ears. And when she have to say something she have to raise her hands. Just like classroom but this time she is at the comfort of our home, we can see and observe what she does. We really like the way she evolve being very shy in the beginning of her trial then afterwards she is now very comfortable being with the group.

In the sense of developing different topics in line with good manners, lessons in life, current events. I’ d say I love Laia being expose to this not only one sided belief but allowing her to respect all types of opinions of others. Being in Europe expose to many type of religion, race, culture, food. Our family believe that values as a pilar of humanity is vital. 


Dancing, creative thinking and cognitive skills are also being stirred during classes. Laia dance a loves dancing a lot and she is very keen of presenting her talent with the group now. I have discovered and heard her several times singing on her own sometimes. She just will start dancing her own. I would like her to discover what her talent’s are by letting her enjoy what he loves to do.


Being in Belgium and a house-hold with multiple language. Definitely a big step for her learning English her own. She heard all these on the television watching her cartoons I have put on English while she is growing, but now she is using it more with good structure and conversational. Other parents decided to speak with their kids with only English at home however Marlon and I believe that we also don’t need to forget our roots, ethnically we are Filipinos and we want our children to speak Filipino. 

Along with it, educationally, Dutch is her language at school with her friends. And with her French comes good with Marlon. In the long run we are also looking forward how she would learn to speak, write and join an immersion in French. When she goes around Europe looking for professional career she can speak several languages. Bonus for us a we live in the heart of Europe. 


Herlyn is very talented with children, she is amazing with her creativity! We join her classes also because of supporting her endeavour being a believer of self development. And I believe as early as young children we may start to nurture their creativity talent.

Aside from Color Creator, Herlyn is passionate personal development believer. I. admire her courage and her being an inspiration to other OFW’s abroad. 

She can create, make difference and plant seed to the heart of people around her and. most importantly to her students like our dear Laia. 

I would like to personally recommend her class to any English speaking family anywhere as she conducts her classes online. Below is a sample of one class we had from last week.

and one of my favourite month is when they did the Women’s Month

For subscription to her class, you may join Laia and her friends every Sunday, 10am, Belgium time. You may contact Herlyn via her email address and start discovering with your child together!

This is also our way of thanking Herlyn and her team for all the effort every class and to give her motivation to continue further! You are one of a kind and keep inspiring us all! Thank you Teacher Herlyn!

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