How to Start an Effective Skincare Routine

I am a total fan of makeup and now I am trying to balance when I have to really be wearing makeup. Skincare is just somewhere out there and mostly, as you are tired you do not wish to do anything at the end of the day. I began my journey of discovery from samples! Yes, samples from people, pharmacy and then I finally found my match!I love citrus on my skin, I love the cold winter closing my pores and it gives me a soothing feeling that my faces are clear to the extent that I don’t need any other extra stuff on that gives the heavy feeling.

So, I decided, I will still be into lipsticks, which I cannot just throw away. I am happy to put some shade on my brows too! Okay, I have to accept that I do not have any eyelashes that can add a twinkle to my eyes because I am Asian. Hahaha! I would still try hard using mascara.

Then I discovered The Ordinary. To be honest, I am into Bodyshop and Lush for the past years. Then comes Nuxe. The oil that is really soothing! Going back to The Ordinary, I saw so many other bloggers using this, or trying on making a review. I am not prepared to compare my skin to another skin, but years of trying here and there gave me a final answer just this December 2019!

Discovering New Things

You can actually never tell what will work for you until you give it a try. That is why samples exist, or recommendation coming from your dear friends can help a lot. On my case, I am lucky to have my friend Charlotte who said to go for it and try The Ordinary (not being paid for this post). I sad to her I remember that I only use lemon and a simple moisturizer sharing, with my daughter Bioderma.

Until, I say okay, let us give it a try since I still have some money in my PayPal account, right after office. I went home and ordered my first beauty haul in Beauty Bay.

Since, I got them the day I got mugged. I went home with them in tears and totally forgot that I wanted to try them out. I had them for days, finally decided to give it a go to lessen my stress that time.

I can say that Yes! After 3-4 days I had noticeable changes on my face. That I have been waiting for so long. The glow and my skin started to become very nice, feeling and looking at it.

I am sorry, I am not able to generate any nice photo of before and after. But I am convince YES!

My Three Favorites

You can also purchase them via

An to easily obtain the GLOW, get this:

If you would like to combat your pimples and break outs. My best buddies are from the Body Shop. I love their Green Tea oil and toner. Although, I am planning when I finish my toner from them to replace it with the one from The Ordinary. I am really happy with them and will continue to explore their items. Since, I am not using a lot of make up now. I will also, share my eyebrow routine, natural look and my lipstick affair. Haha!

Deep Cleanse

To deep cleanse everyday my best love is the one from Japan. I knnooooooow it is super expensive and hard to find but, I found out that I can actually purchase it in ICI Paris XL. Before I had good friends, letting me have some of them when I ran out. People who live in Japan. Good that I don’t have to disturb any of them as I can order here and buy locally.

Deep cleaning DHC is like the the Shu Uemura product I have tried from the past, but 3 times cheaper with I can say almost the same quality. I moisturize at night and I put BB Cream from La Roche-Posay, I don’t need a lot of it so just a fine layer and I am done. This is only to protect my skin from outside pollution.

You Have to Moisturize

Yes, moisturize and make sure your skin is having the right care. I am using the cream from Greece my friend Maria recommended. Sostar, Donkey Milk Cream is awesome. It has a very good texture, leaving your skin properly hydrated. My husband even tried this and he liked it!

I know, all these are too much of a work for you in the morning but you will be satisfied when you have your own glow everyday!

Drink Water and Eat Right

Hydrating is drinking water, if you don’t like water you can try to infuse with fruit or tea. Eat veggies and your fruits everyday to stay healthy in and out. I hope you will find your favorites, and replace your chips with one good fruit you can eat for the day. According to my nutritionist, it is best for us to eat fruit between 4 pm to 5 pm this way our stomach already digested the lunch and we do not have to worry about nutritional absorption.

Stick With Your Routine

Here’s my routine on info-graphic!

That easy and enjoyable right? I hope you can find your skincare routine and remember to let your skin breathe with all the toxicity of the world. Have a no product day if you wish and wash with warm water to relax and cold water to close pores!

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