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How to Choose An Excellent Long-distance Cargo Freight Service

Since I moved here in Belgium, it is part of all Filipino abroad to share the experience of being abroad to our loved ones by simply sending them, groceries, chocolates, clothes and little that they truly appreciate. I have tried two so far the one is far from here. They are coming from Germany. Then, I do not have personal contact with their people. It made me try to find one reliable that is available sooner.

That was the time we are going home as my sister Maco will get married. We sent in June. While I was one day bored in the hospital for a treatment I had 2018. I came across CGT Freight Forwarding Belgium. And from then on we stayed with them. We are already with them for two years now and hope to continue a good relationship that gives us excellent service.

Here’s the criteria I gathered and observed because we are also sending valuable items to our family away from us.

First box, 2018 pick-up with Mike Tan photo by CGT Freight Forwarding

Response Time

It has to be a quick to answer contact. When I messaged their Facebook messenger. They sent me a name plus contact of the contact number assigned in Brussels. Although, it is written on their shipment details posted on Facebook. It is a plus that both the business page and the contact person are both responsive. One message, they are very very quick!

Delivery Time

This is very important, years ago cargo boxes can take three to six months. They made it very quick now to five to six weeks. Of course, with this pandemic, fewer people are working, restriction with quarantine. We had delayed for the last box we sent BUT still, it arrived the way it is. The way I made it, exactly as a whole very good condition box I sent.

I saw it with my naked eyes when the box number one arrived when we were there 2018. We sent it June last week and it arrived August the third week of the month, real good!

photo by CGT Freight Forwarding

Safe and Dependable

I always thought about the safety, like now we sent Laia’s stroller for her cousin, my sisters daughter. Yes, that is how we care about our family. We are also thinking of keeping the packaging. Good that my husband kept the attic full with this boxes from my pregnancy days, while we shopped all those essentials for Laia.

CGT Freight Forwarding Belgium, remains confident with safety and they have also explained how their people in the Philippines care, work with the boxes. We are excited for those two boxes to arrive.

Over all they are very professional and friendly! Like all of my questions attended, answered on time without long hours of waiting. Plus, it get to exciting each time they are posting photos of boxes arrived and families received theirs. Such a positive way of bridging the bridge miles away from us here in Europe.

2020 box pick-up with Mike Tan photo by CGT Freight Forwarding

No don’t ask me what other stuff I put in my box. Basic, coffee, mayonaise, pasta, corned beef, haha. From used clothes, that people or neighbours can still wear and give another life. Some, items I am not keeping anymore from past purchase, in which is a work in progress as we are heading being minimalist family. As you see our garage is nearly empty now. It was good work that Marlon did though the months. We are proud of making space, creating space for us to have easy access to storage. It does also give us enough work place to fill-in our boxes.

Balikbayan boxes are part of our life abroad. I hope there are some families out there having fun doing theirs every time.

If you are sending your family balikbayan box. Then, you should contact CGT Freight Forwarding Belgium below:

Facebook: CGT Freight Forwarding Belgium

Contact: Mike Tan, +33661777966

For Brussels area: Dennis Teodoro, +32484118182 get your boxes and book your pick up with him. Please inquire, for dates and rates per area.

( This is not a paid post, this is only intended to help to promote an excellent team of Filipino entrepreneurs here in Europe.)

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing your review! I will definitely keep this in mind next time we need these types of services.

  2. These are all important things to consider. I send a lot of stuff to my sister who lives across the state so this is very helpful. Thanks for sharing.

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