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How I Stay Motivated: Finding Ways To Building My Future


There are always are, so many plans and changes happening around. Looks like our year-end planning goes on dropping so many things to do and choosing the right one. It was not easy to accept at first because I have already built my vision of how I will be executing the plans. Truly, God intervenes in His own way and we now can see a clearer path. You can check out my article beginning of January, On Planning, Changes: THE ART OF ACCEPTANCE  

You can understand me better after reading that one. It was very short but indeed I was able to express my feelings and thoughts about abrupt planning changes. Now, after so many things happened from the past few months, I have that I have a new hope every day. I choose to challenge myself of learning new things, opening new doors of opportunity to tap my channel of destiny. How?


There are so many positive vibrations around. We choose to listen or not, there will be an outcome good or bad. I choose to widen my options, my growth with people I meet. It was not an accident that I met a very inspiring woman in Ariane Ansoult, she is the founder and creator of Mieux-Vivre Au Quotidien in English is Better Living Daily. My little family are just walking in a shopping mall and yes, we spotted her with her tiny booth about loving the garden and the definition of I am being defined. She a life coach and for me, I saw her a very positive channel of hope. The fact that I am religious at some point, I like the natural approach of not mentioning any faith-related subject. She has just nailed a very good short conference in her garden. And she is amazing! I went with 14 more other people from different backgrounds of life. All ready to listen to what she got for us all. I will be writing a separate article of what I have learned from her.


Building new lines of contact is a healthy way of planting seeds. You can choose to ignore others, stick with your group, but check also if you grow, is your relationship healthy? In this way, I feel like as I came to cross with new people, I learn new things, developing habits. With my above example Ariane, she is a woman that has a passion for coaching and sharing that life should be live well, phenomenal, by simply taking care of your self. It is true that being accountable for your own care is a challenge. I am accepting the challenge of change with her, with our group to come up with a better version of my self. Then comes your plans to be in place.

I have a received a notebook from her and I am very excited to share what I have to learn from her that night. An hour of informative things to learn, that I know in my heart, I knew it. As she said, you just need a bit of a push.


Look forward to exciting to happen in your life. Instead, of the failures had happened. Following what is your heart desires. So many people have skills, but they are doing a not so matched day-time job to earn money. It is true, it is a cliché but it is true. I start to determine that I am not for employment any longer. That I have skills that I have to accumulate and learn from the past that would benefit my own independent, small-time business plans. Plans, because I have some.

Do not put all your eggs in one basket.

I am happy that I made mistakes I cried and I had so many trials before. It made me realized where I want to go. Follow your heart. And your act your dreams.

Always Be Motivated


I was fascinated by a poem written by Jourdan Sebastian, during my ACT NOW workshop in the Philippines, early 2000. I know, I am for something big, something wow! In ACT NOW, they asked us to find ways to act on your dreams. Okay, okay it took me a while to realise it.I was young earning, sitting in an office in Makati. I could not think I will have this potential to be an entrepreneur. Together with my good friend Ronald Tupas, it was one good reminder, that now I am being reminded again. Here is the Dreamers Manifesto:

I, Floby, choose to live a life of adventure, excitement, service, joy, spontaneity and love. I choose to love. And as I love I live. As I live I give. As I give I serve. As I serve I step closer to the reality of my dreams. I will dream. I will dream big and amazing and spectacular and awesome dreams.

I will live my dreams and not compromise for the sake of security or safety or comfort. I will jump out of my comfort zone and embrace change. Change, whom I fear. Change, whom I dread. I will seek to live beyond what I can, believing that the God whom I trust is much, much bigger and greater than any obstacle I may face. I will face my fear. I will stop running away from it and turn around. And when I am face-to-face and eye-to-eye with it I will grab the bull by its balls and make it scream surrender.

I surrender. I surrender to my great Destiny, knowing deep in my heart I am destined for excellence I am destined for greatness. Not mediocrity, not conformity. Not in arrogance but with the mantle of humility placed upon me. Because this is not about me. This is about humanity. I will persevere for the sake of humanity, who need men inflamed by the passion that will ignite the hearts of the timid and fearful souls to push on and soar higher.

And I will do all this not ten years from now when I am free.
Not five years from now when I have the money.
Not one year from now when I am ready.
Not one month from now when all is steady.
Not one week from now when I know how.
Not even tomorrow because tomorrow is far from now.
I will live my dreams now and I will act now.


Do not lose hope praying, hoping, planning, failing. It is all part of the journey. The conclusion is, do not give up your faith. Just go on, swim! Dream but do not forget to work on it. I have been so many webinars, tutorials, that I haven’t known before launching this blog and I am telling you now that my blog has reached 18, 000 monthly views, from people I don’t know. I have partners now that are built to continue doing business with me. I know my plans are in place. Another bit of push the things I am polishing for an income making business. We all have to live, share life without family. I, a woman, want to help my husband earn. I know, I can do it and I am not losing my faith. I am motivated to build my future.

  • Write your goals.
  • Listen to motivational podcasts.
  • Grow your network.
  • Work one day at a time with a list.
  • Develop a 21 days habit to succeed, for example, getting up in the morning, giving up your soaps and dramas, phone detox but instead learn a new habit or hobby.

Go ahead and challenge yourself now! Talk to you soon!


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5 Comments on “How I Stay Motivated: Finding Ways To Building My Future

  1. Life definitely doesn’t always go as planned. Positivity and being purposeful in kinder thinking really is powerful. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Great post! I totally agree to write your goals down. I believe it keeps you accountable!

  3. I think it’s surprisingly difficult to live with intention, but it is absolutely doable. These points are well put and realistic. Great post!

  4. Great post. I love the manifesto!
    For me, writing my goals down and listening to motivational podcasts are very helpful! Do you have a favorite podcast?

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