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There are so many makeups now out on the market and my number 1 problem then is how to choose what suites to my skin colour, type and texture. Of course, the price and monetary value is one that I have learned to consider after being a Mom. When I was single, I used to buy all sorts of makeup that I just liked and never uses them at all. 


Also, one of the important factor for me now is how would it look on me at the end of the day, would it hold for day long wearing or I have to do some re-touch. Imagine being a busy mother, who wouldn’t have time to face the mirror few times in a day doing house hold chores and baby caring plus developing projects along the way. Yes, house hold chores, we do not have the luxury of having house hold help like maid, in the Philippines in which I will tell more about on my next coming blog entry. 


My friend works in di (It is like a Watson type of store here), and I am happy to received some of here gift she is giving me away. I can say that these two are my most powerful combo: 


The Balm Shelter, Tinted Moisturiser

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This is a super match on my skin and gives me a neutral glow. The matte effect of it makes me feel I am not wearing any moisturiser at all. Along with it is The Balm, Face Primer, which I find very helpful minimising the amount of tinted moisturiser to put on my face. 


They are both, long wearing. I can wear them lightly in the summer and my skin doesn’t give me the uneasy feeling of having makeup on. 


There are some more colours to choose from, depending on your skin colour and take note it has SPF18, perfect for protecting your skin from the sun. But now we are on winter, I find it also helps to protect my skin from cracking out catching air draft directing from the freezing wind. 

Since I would like to try everything light, I am now fond of neutral and minimalism. I have found my perfect match lipstick! 


  • Long Day Wear

  • Water Proof

  • Creamy and I love it! But it doesn’t go with my meal when I eat and or drink


I have my perfect look, left from Nyx and Essence Limited Edition Coast ‘N’ Chill, which I received from Sibylle as a birthday gift this year! They are both, simple for the look that I want to achieve. And it doesn’t give me, too much of a make up for a day out or meeting with friends! 


Since, we have so many eat outs and meeting this holiday season, so as parties and get together, it is my most reliable lipsticks that I know I would look good without looking like I have to much make up. Though I am also a fan of red lipstick which I will tell you more about on my next beauty blog entry. 


This two are very simple tips too look great and simple at the same time. Oh, by the way it is up to you if you are going to put powder, but once that I have the tinted moisturiser I definitely will not say a powder is a go. You can use the base face primer though and then put on your powder. So far, my best powder is: 


This one here gives a matte finish. And 10 hours hold. Yes! It gives me no retouch to do at all! I do apply it with a Kabuki Brush, round direction. It is non drying and hypo allergenic too! It give me also some natural glow, that blends my skin and makes me look that I don’t even have powder. Very natural it is! Since, I arrived here in Belgium 2014, I have never changed my powder, I can say that for a Filipina, morena colour that I have. I am 100 % satisfied with Bourjois


It is up to you if you would put on blush or not, I try not too. Just for a day out to achieve the simple look that I want to have. And for night out, parties, I suggest that you can just simply add up your eye make up. I was surprised by my husband when he went to England with this: 



I myself now is still not that pro when it comes to eye shadow, but I will try on my next blog to have a video and I will upload it here, so that you can see how it gives effect on my skin, and other skin typed women can try them and buy. I recommend to put on eye shadow base if you are going for a night out to have strongly attached to your skin. 


The packaging it self has a tutorial sheet which you can follow, but I find to simple and the illustrations are not well designed to visualise make up on skin. So, there you go, you can find other tutorial online which I am sure exist, a lot! I cannot upload and videos since I am still discovering my way thoroughly on how to put on my own make up.  

I am very happy as well with gifts I received from Yves Rocher this holiday season, since I am sending my sisters back in the Philippines nail colours and pouch for make ups are useful as well for a Mom like me who have so many stuff in my hand bag. Making them organised by simply putting them all in some small pouch like what I received:


So there you go, I received this out of their mailing gift card, they do this every month. I was so happy with The Dockx, Brussels branch. I have forgotten my gift card at home, they have and still gave me my gift simply from just verifying my membership card- which other stores requires absolutely the gift card before you can get anything. 


Happy Holidays ladies! 



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