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Get your 2018 Up and Organised

Start Somewhere and why not NOW
As December came and started, I am really looking forward to doing so many projects this year. First for my family, home decor, wardrobe, kitchen and throwing out, donating, selling a lot of stuff to keep everything simple and minimum. I want to share what am I looking forward to changing little by little as projects and also accomplishments. Planning for Moms, young professionals who have work and businesses. Time management is the enemy of the achievement of our dreams and goals. I am writing this now to share my personal struggles and tips on how I am improving every day.
I have my career of course, as a blogger, writer, and a motivational speaker and some other more projects that I want to do in the future like businesses to start living and enjoying my life as a mother.
I like writing a lot and planning, I have every year a planner of my own, I was on craze during my time in the Philippines over Starbucks Planner, which costs me a lot of frappé and money, of course, to collect during December. Not to mention I had several colds of drinking too much cold in Christmas season, the calories I have accumulated too! Haha!
I am amazed at how planning takes us to another level with so many tools we can use from planners to post its, from the mobile reminder, calendars and name it all. I personally do enjoy HEMA and their weekly planner is a must-have. I rushed my self to their online store to buy first before it even came out to the stores. This is the one posted above and another notebook that is with the same theme.
The above are still out at their stores all over Belgium, France and The Netherlands. My personal planning strategy is making achievable and realistic plans. 
Make Achievable Plans 
Your 2018 plans should not be complicated, ask your self what are really important to you in the matter of setting which one should go first. I myself have difficulties in the beginning and is now a constant a work in progress, find ways where you can improve on a daily basis.
DAILY PLANNING- here your goals should be simply your daily routine, your habits that will help you improve every day. Try and develop good habits like the following:
  • Waking up early, just do it and beat your mind saying you will stay in your bed. Go and have a shower, dress up and have your self-ready for the day. Be thankful for a new day, for the roof you have above your head, that you are here, that you are alive! Happy songs can also help you set your mood so here is a playlist that I also listen every morning this 2017, I bet more new playlist this 2018 is coming. Listen here and enjoy!

Happy Playlist

  • Journal Writing, make it a habit to write, planning includes writing anyway if it is not in a paper it doesn’t exist. There are so many ways of learning how to write, like topics you can develop every day. Here is one helpful way of choosing your journal topics. Memory Keeping 52 Journal Questions will definitely help you go on the go every day. I suggest you write in silence for 20 minutes in the morning. You will never feel this good after! People who are writing journals can go back after long years to their thoughts from 2, 3, 5 and 10 years ago. It is very interesting to know what your thoughts are from the past years! It gives you excitement to improve, to know how far you have become. And what more you can work on and improve.


  • Single Tasking, do things one task at a time without interruption. Yes, your mobile phone is a kind of one interruption you have. I know it is very hard and I struggle about this because yes, I am a blogger, checking traffics and constant Instagram Stories update is irresistible! Haha! But, yes we have to develop a certain limit of being online or simply not being with your phone for an hour or two makes a lot of difference. Single-tasking, makes us develop focus and thinking better. I personally have started during my pregnancy to put out the mobile phone during sleeping hours. The phone is not allowed during sleeping time and they stay in the hallway or the living room. Now, I am trying to develop not using any mobile phone 2 hours before going to bed. A good social media detox and a right moment for me to catch up reading a book with my daughter and a quality tea time with my husband. In the long run, I would like to use schedule postings, with social media and even with my blog. You can also start and develop your own single tasking challenge, 13 reminders for Single Tasking can help you, as I started with this. I struggled and yes until now. But do it, little ways will lead you to bigger steps and accomplishments of your GOALS!


WEEKLY PLANNING- this are your bigger goals, bank appointments, business meetings, your tasks tracker if you made it productive from your daily tasks. Here you can also include bigger tasks at home, like ironing, laundry and organising one part of the house.
MONTHLY PLANNING-not a rocket science, this is simply the overview of how productive you are on a daily basis and how you see your weeks filled with agendas and to do’s and your feeling like you are ending the month productive more than being busy. Yes, just continue next month, next week and daily on setting your goals!


On creating plans, I do have a separate notebook for each, for example, the above notebook from HEMA, cost 1 euro 75. Point is, invest for a better planning success. This is not a high-cost investment like my Starbucks Planner before but a wise and simple notebook to write a particular project and ideas I all have. My friend above with me on the photo Krystle and I are planning to have more projects where we can earn money for doing what we love and our passion. Find your passion so that you will be delighted to plan out.
Here are some more other notebooks I have for other more sub-ideas that I have:
HEMA 3 set notebook, for more ideas and plans to write on.
The Bottom Line 
Planning is not that easy, but it will surely gift you a lot of learning. Remember not to disappoint your self too much and do not set a very high expectation for your self. Do not be hard on you. Simply enjoy each day, do what you think is best for you. Tomorrow is another day. Every day is a new start to begin. There is so much room for improvement. Embrace your ability to grow, but be expectant of beautiful things to come. I will not always come the way we planned it, but surely something worth achieving your heart desires will come.
There are bigger goals you can still set too, DREAM BOOK, VISION BOARD (which I will talk about on my next blog). The power of them in my life and how it keeps me hoping for great things will be shared of course!
Get ready for the best year of your life, 2018, it is indeed!
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