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Effective Tips For Toddler’s First Day Of School

Oh, time flies like you never really saw it passing. It is really hard for us new parent’s to start another step up, a milestone for our toddler. She is finally ready and goes to the big school! Monday, 7 January, Laia has started school. We are super excited that she is already sleeping 19h30 in the evening before 20h is our target. My husband and I end up not sleeping for thinking of her big day tomorrow. Finally, we made it to sleep and woke up at 6 am with a weird feeling having a weird sleep. So, we attack the day as warriors and face it! It is 5 degree outside, we did everything out of our good morning routine for toddler, see post 12 Major Keys On Developing Toddler’s Achievable Routine

Now, after coming up with the above keys, we are happy to have a pattern to follow.

You can also download the complete guide, with the good night version. We simply applied what we came up with and we are ready to go. But having a routine is the easiest, the hardest is letting go of your child in the big school, seeing her crying and looking where Mom and Dad is.

Here are the things I ave realised would be effective for a successful first day of school for you child:

Expect the unexpected

Be ready to witness so many surprises. Like for us, Laia was happy to say good bye but then she had an early pee accident in the class two minutes after we left. We say her crying and the teacher cleaning the floor. It was maybe her excitement or on our part we might have missed to let her pee before we stepped out of the door .Simple, let your child pee before going out. Check if she is feeling comfortable with her jacket, it is winter and it is super cold.

You will see this yourself, maybe you will have another surprise than the one we had.

Explain, explain again and repeat

Laia is still crying, on the third day, I brought her to school this morning. But, keep your senses compose, children can feel if and when you are stress. Let her understand that each day would be the same. Go to school every morning. Constant repetition at home of the best part of the school will help you a lot for her to accept the fact slowly but surely. Do not be afraid to ask questions. Repeat and verify what she should expect and encourage her. Stimulate her to eat her lunch and fruits. Remind her how fun it is playing with her playgroup. Do not get tired of being there for her. I know it will not be easy but listening and talking to your child will help her feel and understand the BIG adjustment she is facing.

Listen to her story

My daughter is funny telling stories about her day.

Day 1: “Mama, ik heb een bijt van een Kuya daar school.” (I was bitten by a bigger boy at school. Kuya in our language means another boy bigger than her. Laia goes to a Dutch-speaking school) Then I looked at her shoulder, her pointing where the pain is. She has a small wound. I wrote a note to her teacher and they have acknowledged that if and when there would be an incident of like they would see it immediately. They reckon that it may be at the playground. And they will look closely to the kids. I thanked them for being attentive with the situation. Communicate with her teachers!

Day 2: “Mama, ik heb hoofdpijn.” (Mama, I have a headache.) pointing her forehead while putting her to her stroller going home. I did not pay that much attention and we went home had dinner. She repeat it to her Dad. Then she had her bath. Having her milk Dad saw the bulk from a different angle. Oh, I get it now, Dad says. She had bumped her head somewhere at school and she has a gob on her forehead, a small one. This little details we have to pay attention. Acknowledge things can happen, reassure your toddler that everything will be okay, she needs to pay attention while playing at school.

Day 3: Morning preparation, Laia says “Mama, I don’t want to go to school.” I was not that shocked but I made it firm and answered: “You should go to school today, anyway you will be staying until 12, it is Wednesday.” Then she answered, “Laia stay with Mama.” Made it a bit complicated. I answered the same, she hugged me and said again she’ll stay with me. I tried to remind her that she will have so many cool activities for today at school, I showed her the flashlight I have prepared from last night. Divert her attention and explain fun things about school again. I thought maybe she was scared of getting bit, bumping her head.

To sum up, always be there in every situation and determine the strong and weak attributes of your kids. I know I will learn so many things along the way, that is why I am super excited to let you know what is happening and here I am sharing my experience as a new parent.

This week is a big adjustment for us and too much to handle for our little one. We would like to be there, listen to her, be ready with anything could come up and face situations together with her. Indeed, parenting does not have a manual, but you can always be wise in teaching your kids. Reflect with your days and talk about your partner, husband and wife on whatever things happening at home.

I hope you have learned something from my today’s blog entry. There would be more, I knooooow! Stay in touch and be sure to read on our next adventures!

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2 Comments on “Effective Tips For Toddler’s First Day Of School

  1. She is such a cutie, but understandably so going to a new school is tough and managing a new routine can be hard for anyone! You’ve provided some awesome tips for new moms and as vet mom, I can still use a few of them too! Great post.

    1. Thank you for reading my Natalie, make sure to get the routine print outs by subscribing to my blog! I am excited for your journey too! I would definitely check out what you are up to as a vet mom!

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