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Choose Your Right Sport Shorts with ZAFUL



Online shopping for Moms like me is an answer for our busy days. I found a very beautiful site in ZAFUL. They have a very young looking fresh online shop. I do online shopping because of so many things I have to do around every day. Like for example choosing the right outfit for the right usage of them. Since, I am a young Mom I would like to enjoy time with my daughter at the same time work, going to pick things online for me is easier and fast. These days, I am into getting back to shape again, like exercising at home with my hula-hoop. I would like to find good sport shorts that would work on the activities I am doing at home to stay active.

I came across, Zaful and the lovely online shop they have several years ago, and they are able to provide my expectations. From dresses to swimwear they have so many options! What I like now is the set of sport shorts they have. Looking at their selection, see link here. I can say WOW! Here are some photos for your sneak peek:


I want to share how I choose my own shorts and my top 3 favourites from them!

Double Layer Running Shorts – Purple M

My number 1 pick is this double layered purple running short. Ideal and comfortable for all sorts of walking and running plans I have.  Quick dry sports shorts featuring an elasticated waist with drawstring and double layered design for security. I like the fit of the shorts and how it is flexible on my skin. It can also be used for my following activities:

  • walking at the park with my husband
  • quick errands when it is sunny
  • jumping rope down the apartment
  • running on a treadmill

Though I don’t recommend it for biking because it is a bit flying out, the first layers can get a lot of wind but the tight second layer serves to cover you. It is even prettier just to use it for walking and running.

Cut Out Yoga Shorts – Black Xl

Home yoga is the answer for Moms like me, I open YouTube and follow some beginner guides. I love this short! It is flexible when I move and it got me covered with all the movements I have to do during my yoga exercises. Only that I will not wear this at the gym for it is eye-catching. You girls can with a private yoga group you have and at home sessions. It is somehow too sexy, we don’t want any trouble. Haha! Kidding aside the material of this short is perfectly made for yoga sessions, spandex and very solid.

Active Pockets Workout Shorts – Black S

Love love this one! I can use my phone when I have to move for example on a treadmill and sometimes there are some low-end treadmills that don’t have yet the stand for your phone, this is very helpful. Of course, walking and running outdoor this is ideal too! Make sure that you won’t be overheating your device, that sometimes happened a lot with me. Make sure to cool it down when It has too much contact with your body too. It is beautifully balanced with its nylon material so you don’t have to worry about breaking it out with many harsh movements you have to do while working out. I recommend this for biking too or spinning at the gym.

Budget Wise

Check your pocket and your bank account Zaful is 100 percent reasonable with their prices! Oh, they also have seasonal promotions and sales to watch out for, there are tons of discounts given away. I suggest you guys visit their online store, click down their logo below to enjoy your Zaful experience your own!


Make sure that you have the right shorts for the right activity you are doing. Try to experiment as well how comfortable are you with the materials they have. Same outside shops, think about what you need and you fit it then look at yourself and buy it. Check the movement you will have to do, try it and there are also return policies and exchange. What is nice is there is also a size guide with Zaful and they give you all important details when it comes to choosing your size.

Final words, I had so much fun choosing my own shorts! Go ahead and if you need one now, especially in the summer! Then now is the perfect moment to shop! Have a Zaful-fun-shopping experience!

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10 Comments on “Choose Your Right Sport Shorts with ZAFUL

  1. I was JUST talking to my friend about how I can’t find a decent pair of running shorts… and then I stumbled upon this! Thanks for the suggestions! 🙂

  2. So cute! I haven’t been very diligent about fitness lately, but some new workout shorts might be the motivation I need!

  3. The running shorts sound right upmy alley and I love how manydifferent activities you can wear them for. I have never heard of this site so I can’t wait to check it out!

  4. I love the Active Pockets shorts! And the cut-out ones would be fun for working out at home with the husband. 🙂

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