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Best Haircare Solution During Winter

I always have trouble about my hair and scalp care the moment I moved to Belgium. The air is not the same, humidity and weather, of course, are factors that are contributing to my scalp dryness. Not to mention the water here is not the same where I came from, The Philippines, a tropical archipelago that gives glows to my skin and hair. Haircare is important for me as a Mom and I don’t like suffering from dry skin because it promotes dandruff. There are so many trial and error, plus I don’t want to spend too much with my hair problems. Haircare and salons here are a bit expensive not like in the Philippines. I have to save and do it myself, better than paying a fortune for every two-week hair treatment. Besides great products are available, I only have to find the right store, right product, salon and treatment. 

My four years in Belgium has stretch and I have been having trouble with my scalp and hair.  I tried Head & Shoulders, Lush, Dove, Pantene, Garnier nothing works. Except when I tried the following products and routine: 

Less Washing

You don’t have to wash your hair daily. Washing your hair daily will only dry your scalp and will make it sensitive with the products you are using. I had to stick with my shower cap and wash my body without washing my hair. I do, Thursdays and Sundays or Wednesday and Saturday. I know, this will give you a headache for some of those who are showering to wake up in the morning. But believe me, showering at night is the way. Not washing your hair in the morning means you are smelly and dirty. You have your skin protected with the natural oil from your scalp that protects your skin. I noticed that the dryness of my scalp came from so much contact with water. 

The Right Products

My Favourite Two

I love discovering new products and I am open to what works well for me and my skin. Having to try too many products for the last 4 years. I finally have my top three haircare favourites! So far the best dandruff shampoo I have ever tried is this one by Lomé Paris, Shampoo, Scalp Clarifying. 

Lômé Paris, Shampoo Scalp Clarifying, 14 Euros

I’ m so amazed by the power of this shampoo, 
Lômé Paris, Shampoo Scalp Clarifying, to keep my scalp moisturised with Vitamin E. I simply wash my hair with lukewarm water, not too warm, remember this. Otherwise, your scalp will be irritated. Warm motivates your scalp to aggravate itch and dandruff. 

Schwarzkopf, Bonacure, Scalp Genesis 24 Euros

This is a great combination power with the shampoo up on my post! An amazing serum that penetrates my scalp and can let it be moisturised for two to three days. Schwarzkopf, Bonacure, Scalp Genesis, after drying my hair. I put this on my scalp and leave it on. No more dandruff flakes for an instant one-time application! I am satisfied with the scalp care products I tried before! 

I am sticking with this two!

No Warmer Drying

Not even a too cold hair drying! Just manage to have a good temperature while drying your hair. Too warm again can hurt your scalp! Dry your hair with a combination of cold and warm temperature that is perfect for your skin and hair care! Be sure not to hurt your hair it self or it will run dry and frizzy! 

Say Yes to Dry Shampoo

Dry Shampoo

As a super busy Mom, I can’t afford to have the luxury of time being in the bathroom for longtime. So, what goes with the other days that I am not washing my hair is the dry shampoo! It saves my day, time and energy! 

In conclusion, you have to find what works for you. What works for me might not work for your self. Do not be afraid to try and after you will discover so many things that may help your situation! I have found my haircare solution, go and discover yours! 

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16 Comments on “Best Haircare Solution During Winter

  1. I’m glad I found this post because I really needed help with this. My hair gets really dry and Frizzy in the winter. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I wash my hair every other day because I have dry skin. It definitely makes a difference in my life. I will have to give these products a look because I do have dry skin year round. Thanks.

  3. These are some great suggestions to combat dry scalp! I haven’t heard of the scrum, I will have to check it out.

  4. I only wash my hair every third day and it works great for me. I have yet to try a dry shampoo though as my hair doesn’t seem to need one. It can be tricky to find the right products – glad you finally figured out what works for your hair!

  5. I’m always in the market for a good dry shampoo. I will have to check out the one you recommended. For the tip of not showering too often, this mama has that down!

  6. You’ve provided some great products. We use dry shampoo often with a lot less walking since we use protective styling. And no heat at all. Great tips.

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