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Autumn, Let go

My favourite season is spring and autumn. In spring we have new beginnings and blossoms. Now, that it is autumn or fall the people call it. Contemplating with the four seasons we have here in Europe, I took time writing things I am thankful for this season. There are so many unpredictable situations happening in the world. We cannot control what is next. But the important lessons I have learned in this season is to let go. It is easy to say but then when your heart has issues, questions and sometimes emotions are happening inside the human brain, we can struggle with this. It takes courage and bravery to do so.

Stop thinking of the past

Whatever mistakes, unwanted relationships, stories behind your life is not significant anymore. You have to embrace the value of now. Today, every morning is a new opportunity to take chances. It is hard to live our lives with too many issues from the past. Focus on what you have today on your plate. Gently think about things you are thankful for and you will be amazed by the extraordinary feeling of joy in the heart right after.

Think about your career, your passion, your relationships with people you love. The more you cling to the stories from the past the more you are to attract mistakes to happen again.

Be thankful

Practice saying thank you on every situation. Trying to control what will be the results of everything will make you nuts. Being thankful for what you have right now, whether good or bad, always see the positive side of it. I knoooooow it is super hard, I am also talking to myself right now. Things, people, situations can be super disappointing sometimes. That’s the way it is, life! All we can do is be equipped with love, understanding and people who truly love us.

Being thankful aligns our world in order to become more positive in our daily situations.

Let go

Whatever is not healthy, not in progress or your feeling that something is controlling your emotion and way thinking, let it go. There are so many things we are holding on too much of a long time. As the leaves fall down this autumn, take time to let go of many loads you have in your mind, heart even with your daily living. Do you notice that it is tiring? Better let go of everything that is toxic for your health, emotion and life will be ten times lighter.

Let go of your possessions, material things that are needed to be given away or sell it. Also, people who are giving you stress, toxic relationship–better end it. It is a heartbreaking situation but we people are attached with so many things we really don’t benefit from. Do not chase people, those who are loving you completely will stay no matter what.

In conclusion, letting is healthy for you. It is not rocket science but it will most definitely be the key for a joyful everyday living. Acknowledge your feeling about something and then get over it, especially mistakes from the past. You are forgiven and you have a better life right now. With this chance you have right now, you better not waste any minute of it.

Use your time, energy and efforts wisely. Let go.

Here are some of my favourite books this fall. Maybe you can find one you’d like to read!

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10 Comments on “Autumn, Let go

  1. I’ve read the Art of Letting Go. It’s a great book. I actually don’t have a huge issue with this but try to help my husband bc omg he gets so worked up. I’m going to share this with him. Thanks for the post.

  2. Love this article! And omg you’re a home builder?! I’m a permit stat researcher!! We’re in the same industry!

    1. It’s cool wow, maybe we should be making real connections now. Please send me your contacts would love to talk to someone who’s sharing the same passion. Thank you for reading me Allié ! 💕

  3. Fall is my favorite season! I’m not sure if it’s because of Thanksgiving (in the US), but I always find myself reflecting and showing more gratitude this time of year. You’re so right, letting go has so many therapeutic qualities!

  4. I love fall and, like so many others, take this season to really reflect on life and my output towards others. Beautifully written article!

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