A Gift I Received From Beauté et Bien-étre


Gift Beauté et Bien-être


Last month during the peak season for Valentines. I have joined a quick raffle online, on Instagram, I was luckily selected by Beauté et Bien-être and the woman behind this is Géraldine Habay, an amazing lady who is enjoying her started small business as a beautician for nails and eyelashes. She has a daytime job but is passionate about the art of beautification, particularly nails and eyelashes. As a young Mom, I also don’t want to forget and I am always trying to take care of myself the maximum ways I can to take care of myself, regardless of the amount, time, sometimes you just need to be really pampered. It is also a question of trying out new things and having a good experience. I like the idea, that I gained one good friend in Géraldine, she is a Belgian, like some other girls who have a mindset of thinking outside the box, that life is not all about having an 8 to 5 job, but also exploring the possibility to use your own talent and be a girl boss! I felt so happy when I saw the finished product that she made and she made it very nice. Also, she is using amazing products from Peggy Sage, a French brand with good quality.

Believe it or not, it is quite expensive to be beautiful here in Europe, then it is a sky-high difference between the price we are paying in the Philippines.  Like, facial, manicure and all other spa services are less expensive in my home country, that is why I am quite not into doing the same routine I had before when I still live in the Philippines, everything is payable like it cost 3 to 5 euros for hair, nails and massage. I was enticed by the idea of joining Géraldine’s raffle. Haha!

How did I join the raffle? I simply commented that I am participating and they did the draw during the Valentines Day itself. Then down below is the announcement with my username being tagged.

Géraldine sent me an SMS and we immediately clicked to get in touch, when are we going to schedule my beauty treat! By the way, I won a FREE gel nail! Awesome huh? It was a very simple the process of putting it on but a bit painful when the gel starting to penetrate your real nails, it burns. What I like about the work of Géraldine is hygiene. Ladies, there are so many nail shops out there and check first the way they do their job. There’s this one who’s offering cheap service, but working in a chain, like a machine, people pass you to different hands, towels, tools, that are used for other people. Now, imagine that when, you have allergies, if you are pregnant and the all another risk that can happen just because you want a cheap service. For me, HYGIENE is a big thing to consider first on my list. Of course, the price counts on a reasonable pricing. Here’s Beauté et Bien-être’s pricing to see how it can match your budget:

Pretty well, you can have a beautiful weekend with Géraldine and call her and book now! Keep in mind she is working daytime so consider the free weekend and give her a call, she is very talkative too, you will enjoy talking with her anything under the sun.

Here is some peak of our beauty session 1, one? Yes, I had to have a retouch after! Which I will tell you guys more about.

The bloopers I did was, my nails are growing fast like crazy, so I started to uncomfy and I decided to remove it myself, without knowing that the retouch cost less, that redoing everything again! Crazy! So, Géraldine gave me a laugh, and advice me to wait for the next one, and do not remove it for the retouch will give me some euros to save. I was very happy with the first nail we did, it was called ballerina, really longer than what I need because I have to work on my computer and take care of so many stuff with my hands, surely the gel nails are strong enough to stay for a month, provided that your nails don’t grow crazy fast like I do, with me is a 2 weeks rest and then redo it again. Budget wise, my advice for those who have a very strong quality of nails, give it a rest, simply DIY your nails and then when you have to go to a night out or a dinner out with a special occasion, do the gel nails. But of course, to those who can afford it, go on and do it!


Our second session is a little toned down when it comes to colour, I have chosen the blush one, that blends very well with my skin. My signature style is also having square nails, I love it and provided that I have long fingers, then I have to tone down the length of my nails not to look like it is too much. I thank my husband for supporting my happy time, me time for myself and seeing me happy he says makes him happy too.

The point is more than just promoting and helping Géraldine on her new found passion. I would like to encourage women to find what you love to do, be beautiful in your own way, and shine! I thank Géraldine for giving me an opportunity to enjoy a session of free gel nails. I am completely supporting her endeavours, ladies who are in the conceptualization of your own future mini business, go for it and do it! Do what you love and earnings will follow, surely is. Stay happy, and a happy heart makes us a channel of love towards other people around us.

Until next time, I am thinking of making a series about Beauty every Monday. Let me know what you ladies thoughts about it!










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8 Comments on “A Gift I Received From Beauté et Bien-étre

  1. Thanks for the insights, always great to help out small business grow. I love seeing peoples dreams come true, always such a great feeling.

    Getting your nails done can get pricey, depending on what you want to get done of course. I always loved gel when my nails are in full length naturally.

    I have then jumped to getting the nail dip which I love because it’s less harsh than the acrylics and also I’ve read some articles about the UV lightening used for gel nails can be harmful.

    great post 🙂

  2. I love that it isn’t just about pretty nails, but that it’s about supporting another woman business owner and to promote women to feel shiny, bold and beautiful. Gorgeous nails, I LOVE the red. I also love square nails and I have trouble achieving that on my own. I need a Geraldine!

  3. Such an amazing gift you received…love to add this to self-care routine…I will be happy if I can manage to have such pretty nails…. also adorable that you support other women in their business.

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