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3 Ways Minimising Your Screen Time

During the pandemic, we are staying home a lot. Means we are going to spend time facing the screen contacting people and love ones. The good thing about being home, we can work safely with our family.

Being a family who’s promoting more time, simplifying our schedule. I came to try so many time management tools, clearing the calendar and seeing our productivity prioritising family only. We hang out with friends but we always make sure that we spend more time with each other by simply eliminating things that are not adding value to our living.

Resources are everywhere and screens, TV, Netflix, mobile phones are made to be addictive. However, when we learn how to outsmart devices, by know how to use them purposely. It was a struggle, my family are away and I have to see how are they doing in Manila. I have to check my phone all the time because I am a blogger, online marketer and a business owner. So, many factors.

I am still a work in progress. With these methods, I am implementing I learn that I can powerfully control my screen time.

Plan Your Social Presence

How do I do it? I did put social media content for my business and blog in a weekly basis. Where an app can automatically just post them without me thinking about what to post day to day. It gave me time to brainstorm what to be the topic or subject of what I should post. Both blog wise and business related.

The advantage, it allows me time at home and spending days to be able to do my household chores. Which are not that much because, we are a minimalist family. We clean as we go, managed Laia’s toys and books. I can still have time to spend to my reading and other matter I have to attend to.

Oh, I am also a working mom and with this pandemic that gave us all the stress. Managing ahead your social media presence means a lot. Productivity both your real world, work and focus with your business activities.

I automated, messaging too for my business. Which I only need interaction via email. Since most of my potential client’s are from the Philippines. My operation hours 2 PM-11 PM midday there and 8 AM-5 PM here in Europe. People can send me emails and drop me messages and after my day to work. I can answer them one by one. Take your time and prepare answers ahead. Prepare FAQ, this will simplify your business flow.

I am personally using Hootsuite! I love it and since I became a Virtual Assistant I have been using this for my clients and now that a new business is on board. I am practically enjoying every bits of it!


I have tried the app SelfControl and it is amazing! Our family started with phone timer. When it beeps, screen time is over for Laia or our TV program. Then we can play, do other things together.

We invest time to each other that are not captured by social media all the time. Oh, I tell you there are so many fun moments we had and still are enjoying because the phone is down.

Same thing when Laia has to watch her cartoons. 20 minutes and she is done. Sometimes, she would cry, proud of her as mostly she would just hand us over the phone or say put television off Mom.


Yes! I did, you won’t catch me answering a message from random people. I can only answers quickly to families and people close to our hearts. My Facebook apps are disabled. And I only have allotted time to post photos on Instagram after the moment I took photos from my phone. I don’t and I can’t do any live streaming for anything now. Simplifying our life is our main focus.

So put off your Facebook Notification plus the Messenger app. Choose one messaging app where you can interact with closes people to you. Batch post Instagram stories. I tell you if you are a busy person you will. appreciate not having any distraction.

Have time when you need to check your email everyday at the same hour. This will help you finish tasks better and effectively.

Aside from reading, there are so many ideas popping in to my brain actively before sleep. So, we do a two hour rule of no screen time. When we wake up in the morning. I do, 15 to 30 minutes no screen at all. It contributes, thoughts organisation, productivity, prioritising your family time plus business. productivity.

In a nutshell, it is rewarding to have more time for you. For your self, without so many distractions. With all of the above, writing on a planner is still my thing, calendar management, meal preparation are essentials.

And lastly, do not. be hard on your self. Take time, each step will lead you to the total less distraction away from your screen. The reality is we need this screens, it is a necessity for business, communication, entertainment. We have to use them effectively.

Choose long walks over binge watching when the weather is perfect! Choose to laugh with your friends and put off the phone when you are together to make most out of quality time together. Live the life intentionally with real joy and happiness each day.

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5 Comments on “3 Ways Minimising Your Screen Time

  1. I have the screen time app set up on my kids Ipads. They can’t access them until after 1:30 pm, after they’ve done some reading, something outside, something creative, and something together. Then they only have access for one hour. I love being able to automate it so I don’t have to try and remember to set a timer or worry about them sneaking extra time.

  2. These are great ways to eliminate screen time. I always find that finding outdoor activities help too! Such a great read.

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