I have observed that, whenever I write, share, something about contentment and not being materialistic, fewer people care. Most of us are the focus on the Christmas rush, holiday mode are all over the city. I would like to again take part in saying, that we could start counting down our blessings instead of spending too much this holiday season. It is sad when people prioritise too many shopping, personal feelings before considering feelings of others. Most of us just need to do something worth it.

Here are 3 Things You Can Do To Experience The Real Joy of Christmas: 




Call someone today and or list your friends who care about you but you don’t see a lot often times. Let them know you are there for them and just say Hello. Give someone a call, send Christmas cards, check out your address list and update it. The first week of Christmas while everyone is still at home, send a card away. Your handwritten thoughts have power, it can make them smile and most of all feel the worth of being remembered. 


Take a friend for a tea talk or just spend an hour or two catching up. Invite a friend over and talk about anything! Remember to give your undivided attention. No phone checking. Unless it is really necessary. Your time is the most precious gift you can give to someone. 


Cook for 4 people even if you are only 2 adults at home. Knock on your neighbour and give some of it! Share a meal! It gives warm camaraderie to the community! 




Your time, not always money can be your currency to help. Go to a home for the aged and just help them folding clothes or arranging a table during lunch. Help a community cleaning to have more hands working to help them finish everything up early. You can also give your time and sing Christmas carols for a cause! 


The clothes that you don’t wear anymore because of some fashion reason can be donated to those who don’t even have one. Make sure to give out the good ones, presentable and wearable. You make space for your wardrobe and you give someone warmth this cold season. 




Ask yourself and ponder. Through thinking we gain wisdom and lessons of life. Here’s what I have pondered upon preparing my Christmas Advent Calendar while writing down family activities and collecting bible verses: 

For the real meaning of Christmas his Him! 

Not your shopping.
Not the gifts you wanted to receive.
Not the nice clothes you want.
Not the bank account yours have.
Not the investments you have.


Make moments and cherish the gift of life He has given us. Keep the faith on fire and begin your Advent countdown to Christmas with the real joy and peace in our hearts. What would you want more than you have right now? A good life with peace is more than enough.
Ponder and grab a pen. Write down beautiful moments that happened this year. Start appreciating them and say thank you. Grateful. Gratitude. This has to be your daily mindset.

Not only during advent.
Not only on Christmas day.

But every day.
Be thankful!

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Floby Villaralvo