There are so many reasons why actually, but I only want to give 3 of the best reason’s why I do appreciate Marlon, my husband, my best friend, best critique, enemy and partner in all things I do in life. We are best together and we can never be perfect for each other, day to day we grow as husband and wife and our friendship flourish like a beautiful flower each morning. Let me and allow me to be thankful for all his efforts every day.


He is the Man – he makes sure to be responsible for his decisions, and he takes responsibility for what he said. We will have an argument, planning a lot of crying, from me, (hahaha), but he will stay rationale on looking at things. In which way we always come up with the best decision ever! Where both of us will be really happy with the final end result. He never calls anyone, yes, that includes his friends, family, Mom or Dad when we have concerns on our own. The Goal is, fix it on our first and if it doesn’t work then it is time for some advice to consider.  Which leads me to become a person of discretion, I have learned to be quite at times that I wanna shout, call my sister, my Mom and let everyone know I am in misery. I have learned not to panic when decisions are made and resulted in another problem. Instead, we both take time to talk about things and breathe and then laugh it out. There are times when we see ourselves laughing like crazy of things happening around us. He is my best friend and he makes things simple in an eye of a complicated woman in me.


He is the HandyMan– yes, we don’t spend a lot of time and money calling someone to repair and fix something in the apartment. He can:

  1. Paint, the wall and everywhere
  2. Fix the floor
  3. Do Electricity
  4. Plumbing
  5. Repair all things like closet door, doorknob and all other broken anything
  6. Cook (steak that I can’t, and all Belgian delightful food that I like, hahaha)
  7. Clean the window, like a pro (haha)
  8. Repair the car (It’s his job anyway)
  9. Now, he is also expert with Laia
  10. He cleans the house and helps me a LOT! and many other more skills he has!Mama and Papa

He is very supportive– in anything and everything that I do. He believes in me when no one does. He sees my vision of life with me together we believe it will happen. I have so many failures and he stays beside me. He has a very good listening skills, though sometimes he forgot too, normal as a human being. But, he is 200 percent with me in everything. With my dreams, my plans, my feelings. I guess that is the real essence of being married to someone you love unconditionally. You don’t look and count the mistakes you are making, but the lessons you have for each other. We have fun laughing at our ideas in life, we cry together and he hugs me when I need it. He is not, no not good in massaging my back, but he tries.

We have so many indifferences that we are still discovering together, but acceptance plays a big role every day. He doesn’ have regrets in his life, young life, has been lived well and fun. So, his last year on the 30th number, now 39th. Before he goes 40 next year, I asked if he has doubts and regrets? No is the answer. He is a happy man, with a happy chosen career and now a happy father to Laia and a husband to me.


Happy birthday Papa! I love you and Laia!







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Floby Villaralvo