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3 Benefits of Single Tasking

I always have been a good multi-tasking until I became a Mom. Things are not like before that I can do things perfectly without sacrificing quality of another task. For example, working in an office, answering a phone call, sending an email, video calling with a client and giving food to your child. Just reading about it made me exhausted. As part of my self-love, I would like to do things one at a time. I know, this will not work for those who are use to it, amazing multi-tasking skills you may have that I don’t have anymore now, I honour your way of making things, doing task that is good for your situation. Go on with it, do whatever works for you is the best. With me, it is just a matter of focus and making things right. I have looked at the benefits of single tasking for someone who needs more focus and sense of accomplishment.

We Are Stronger Against Distractions

Well, there are so many factors around us now that are contributing as distractions. Social media plays a lot of this with as many platforms as it can be. It is available on the tip of our fingers. Just like driving and answering a phone call, worst is texting while driving. Our brain is trained to have focus one thing when we need it. And there are people who are super good with multi-tasking, but after seeing this TED Talk about single-tasking, I started telling myself there is a good point:

Talking about how we juggle so many things at one time. Made me realised how abusive am I to my capability and skills. On which one of another task can really be affected with low quality performance, not doing it right, without anymore appreciation.


  • GO back to basic and write you TO-DO-LIST. This way you tick the boxes on your notes and you appreciate your accomplishments.
  • On the other hand me being a virtual savvy, I am using Trello. In which I can organise how can my day be, my task priorities
  • And, hey I have discovered the DO NOT DISTURB button on my phone. Works even better!

Why we should want to get away with distractions?

  • We are more productive.
  • We enjoy things better, for example, company of someone dear to us, the voice of the person you are talking to. Simple the moment of being present.
  • We strengthen our relationships. We spend quality time with people around us.
  • Single-tasking makes us happier!

Have you ever felt, heavy head, feeling blah, this is the sign that your brain is being overwhelmed! Have a pause and write things down, get some oxygen, a breath of fresh air, then start again!

Single-Tasking Increases Commitment

Here is a very interesting podcast, conversation about single tasking from The Guardian:

With the podcast they have talk about the following:

  • How can you reward yourself for being online.
  • How single tasking helps us to be more creative.
  • How technology is being the shallow under-estimating the ability of the brain.
  • What is the quality of work that you want to get done.
  • Connected but disconnected.

Simple because our brain is focused on one thing at one time. Our attention is not divided into any other things. In which this will always result in excellence. It is super simple but I have struggled the same until I observe my husband how is he accomplishing things worth with an excellent result. As a Mom, I would like to do everything, at a fast pace during day time. But then, I see one thing or another suffering, sacrificing its quality of excellence. I am thankful to finally have managed myself to practice self-love through single-tasking. It promotes a sense of discipline, I am not too tired, I am more focus on my days to go by. One thing at a time!

It Promotes Discipline Self-discipline

It is a big challenge of developing self-discipline too.

Building upon commitment develops self-disciple. Where the moment we take control of what we have to do and how we want to accomplish things in accordance to the expected results that we want to have. As a Mom, have my very own agenda or a planner. This way, things are easier when it is written on paper. When we see stuff written, it is more powerful than our desire to procrastinate.

In a nutshell, we appreciate, improve and harmonised our lives with single-tasking. It simplifies life and gives chance to appreciate time better. The relationship that we have would be nourished with values. In the world of multi-tasking, this way of seeing life and how things can go every day make us have a life worth a journey.

With single-tasking, we are also less stress and we mind things that matter the most.

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6 Comments on “3 Benefits of Single Tasking

  1. I really need to practise single-tasking. Multi-tasking is a myth as one tends to do several things but not to the best level. Thanks for sharing.

  2. This such an interesting concept. Being a mom of multiple children, I have always thought multitasking was considered productive and something to work towards but your points have proven me wrong! It’s going to be a hard habit for me to break but I do think I will try to focus on one thing at a time and see how it feels. Thanks for sharing this perspective.

  3. I practice this all the time! It is so helpful in accomplishing my goals

  4. I am so bad about single-tasking. I try to do too many things at once, thinking that I’ll be more productive that way. Deep down I know that I’m more productive when I give my all to one thing at a time, but I don’t know why I have such a hard time putting it into practice.

  5. Ive gotten better at single tasking with all the distractions of working a small business with two kids and a husband home full time! I have to say having a to do list I can check off is a major game changer!

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