Mistakes I Made with Potty Training

Many parents just like myself thought things are complicated when it comes to toilet training a toddler.¬†As time goes by and Laia’s school days are coming in January 2019. I am getting anxious about her being clean outside, without nappies and saying I have to pee or poop to her teacher. I made a lot …

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Family Parenting

Laia’s First Haircut

I know for most parents we would really want a perfect haircut for our little one! I am always in to cutting Laia’s bangs or trimming it but I am not a pro when it comes to hair. We decided to let Laia’s hair grew a bit longer, observe how it will look and be …

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Family Parenting Travel

Our Family Pairi Daiza Adventure

We went to Pairi Daiza last year during October for Marlon’s family day at work. This time we are alone to have our own time, adventure as a family. The zoo park is enormous and full of animals that are taking care of almost in the wildlife. Laia was not that interactive last year, what …

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