• Efteling magic

    Celebrating Laia’s Birthday at Efteling

    I was never a fan of a theme park when I was in the Philippines until I had my own child. We were thinking of a good idea what to do for Laia’s second birthday celebration in which she will enjoy and learn at the same time. My husband Marlon, thought of a theme park and then we have looked at what is nearby that can be magical for a little girl like our dear Laia. We came up with a list we have looked at over the internet and we found Efteling! Our stay was planned out to be a long weekend, we stayed at Hotel Van der Valk…

  • Mominspiration

    MOMINSPIRATION: Raquel Padre, How Did She Decide To Have Her Own Business

    Disclaimer: This post only promotes the inspirational story of the person being featured. All About My Inspirations is not promoting any products for readers to buy. The post has no affiliate links.  Meet Our First Mominspiration Today, most of us are busy with so many things happening around us. Minding our own business has been a norm since we are too busy to look at what other people are doing in their lives. But I think, we should care about worth sharing stories such as bravery of being a Mother (and so many side roles we Mother’s can do aside). I have decided to put this series for women to be heard…