12 Major Keys On Developing Toddler’s Achievable Routine

Starting school for any parents can be another step up to the milestones of their child. Personally, I take time reflecting this time of the year with the holiday rush, seeing people, parties. After all the good times, relax days at home we are now starting another new year. We are facing two major changes:

  • Laia will start and go to school on 7 January.
  • Mama will also start to go back to school 14 January.

It looks simple but the real thing is, this will radically change our days. I don’t want to get too overwhelmed and stress about it. What do I do? I plan our days and nights to have a calm beginning. Then I sigh (laughs). I got this!

Upon scribbling and looking up on our activities. I am glad to have it simplified. I would like to begin with how would Laia’s day look like, which I called Toddler’s Routine. And then I will also update you on my Mama Routine that includes being a wife, home works, cooking, self-care, relaxing and so many things, yes, we all Mama’s are juggling! I would like to conclude that the application of this printable chart would help us a lot. I tell you if you find it trying it out then go ahead and download it here!

Toddler’s Good Morning Routine

    Set a time to wake up, make sure the alarm works well. I usually have a back up mini alarm clock in case the big one missed out. TIP: No phone alarms, the phone inside the bedroom disrupts sleeping. Wake your toddler slowly and sweet! I used to have my father waking me up with a slow soft blow on my face, telling me to wake up. My mother used to yell. It is nice now that I kind of had the good idea what to do with Laia.
    Guide your toddler to the bathroom and brush teeth together! It is a good way to set the mood good, you can put some good morning music. Dance and sing!
    I do have a Spotify playlist for kids in the morning! Or simple Mama and baby humming together can lift your spirit up! I have seen and heard my husband doing this in the morning, set up good mood and somewhat it sends good vibes!
    From the prepared clothes last night. Get dress and make your self ready first. If your toddler needs help putting on clothes do so. You need to dressed up first before you do your child. This way you are both ready on time. I have tried the other way around. It was chaotic!
    Never ever skip breakfast. This will fuel your day, active and ready to face the day’s challenge! Cereal, oats, fruits are ideal and plenty of fluids! Drink water! I love my husband preparing breakfast and coffee in the morning while I get ready and Laia. This way we are both stress-free and no rush!
    Get your jackets (if you are in a winter season), essentials to go out plus backpacks! You are ready to go! Do you drive, bike or your little one take the school bus? Or maybe walking? Go get out! Make sure to ready your child’s bag doubled checked at night, so that you won’t forget anything they may need at school. And having it ready the night before will give you ample time to breathe in the morning.
  6. KISS & GO
    Do not stay too long with your little one. Once you get to school kiss and say see you later. This will save you both time and effort. If your child still cries before school. The earlier parents are out of the picture the better for them! Your child will develop a sense of trust and independence!

Toddler’s Good Night Routine

Eat together as a family. The earlier you prepare the dinner the best way for you to gain time. When your child gets too tired at school, they want to sleep immediately. Make sure the child gets to eat before bedtime. No television while eating, this way the focus is only the food and your little moments together. Remember, kids can be crying of tiredness or grumpy for at school they had a long day loaded with activities. Keep in mind to again be patient.

Scrub all those dirt away! Plus your child relaxation time with a lukewarm bath will work it for better sleep. Let your little ones enjoy the bubbles and water! This is also a way of them to figure out the day has ended and you are all finally together, you can also talk about what has happened today at school.


Put on the best comfortable pyjama on your little one! If they have a favourite one, make sure just wash it every 2-3 days. I won’t like a pj being worn for a week. But if you hang pj’s and have it aired to refresh it. No problem. Find the way what works for you!


Brush brush brush! Take care of those teeth! Relaxing time and this is the moment to educate your kids why do we have to take care of our mouth and oral hygiene. This can be so repetitive daily, but at least they get it and they would know the importance of it.

Find the favourite book they love reading with you! Reading is what I use on indicating bedtime is getting close. I also prefer sleeping stories for the age of my little one these days. See what your child would like! Laia is reading French book with Papa and with me is in Nederlands. She goes to a Nederlands daycare, this time a Nederlands school as well!

Now, let them have a little time, dim the lights and kiss them good night! Make sure that they sleep the same hour every night, to develop a healthy routine. Some still milk, let them be relaxed before tucking down! I say 8 pm max 8:30 pm they should be on the bed.

In conclusion, do this every day and this will be a very healthy habit for you and your kids. Not unless they are sick or you are on a summer holiday, kids can have a little time of staying with their parents. To sum up here is an infographic that you can print out and hang on the wall, kids room, for example, to visualize your days effectively. I have opt-in to divide it to morning and night. This way, it is divided into two parts. It won’t get too much of a handful task to accomplish. Download it below!

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Wondering what’s my Mama Routine! It will be available any time soon, as I am still busy re-organising too much agenda’s in my head! I will keep you all posted!

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15 Comments on “12 Major Keys On Developing Toddler’s Achievable Routine

  1. Toddlers strive off of routines! SO I agree. This will come in handy for first-time moms.

  2. have such a hard time keeping my cool in the morning when my kids are being sooo sloooow šŸ˜‚ I love your approach- setting a good mood, especially with music, is such a fantastic idea! My kids LOVE music and I think songs would set an energetic mood to the morning

  3. This is a great toddler routine! My son is 11 months old so this is definitely something I will keep in mind over the next year! Thank you for sharing!

  4. Being a new school mom, I had a hard time getting a routine down, but eventually we got one down…not perfect but we made it LOL. Yes, kiss and go is a must. I tried that and the teacher had to ply my son off of me. So heartbreaking!. But the next day he was perfectly fine because he ended up loving school!

  5. This is such a good routine. I’m definitely going to have to implement some of these techniques in my own routine when my kids get older.

  6. Everything is very open with a clear clarification of the issues.
    It was really informative. Your site is useful. Thanks for sharing!

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